Submissions from 2022

Fatal Neurodissemination and SARS-CoV-2 Tropism in K18-hACE2 Mice Is Only Partially Dependent on hACE2 Expression, Mariano Carossino, Devin Kenney, Aoife K. O’Connell, Paige Montanaro, Anna E. Tseng, Hans P. Gertje, Kyle A. Grosz, Maria Ericsson, Bertrand R. Huber, Susanna A. Kurnick, et al.


Connecting the Dots: Transmission of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease From the Marquesas to the Dry Tortugas, Thomas Dobbelaere, Daniel M. Holstein, Erinn M. Muller, Lewis J. Gramer, Lucas McEachron, Sara D. Williams, and Emmanuel Hanert

Relationships between ecosystem properties and sea-level rise vulnerability of tidal wetlands of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Elizabeth B. Watson, Kirk Raper, Danielle Kreeger, Bhanu Paudel, LeeAnn Haaf, Martha Maxwell-Doyle, Angela Padeletti, Erin Reilly, and David J. Velinsky

Kinetics and Connectivity Properties of Parvalbumin- and Somatostatin-Positive Inhibition in Layer 2/3 Medial Entorhinal Cortex, Fernando R. Fernandez, Guillem Via, Carmen C. Canavier, and John A. White

Relationship of Microplastics to Body Size for Two Estuarine Fishes, Ahmed K. Gad and Stephen R. Midway

Sediment Accumulation, Elevation Change, and the Vulnerability of Tidal Marshes in the Delaware Estuary and Barnegat Bay to Accelerated Sea Level Rise, LeeAnn Haaf, Elizabeth Burke Watson, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Kirk Raper, Angela Padeletti, Martha Maxwell-Doyle, Danielle Kreeger, and David J. Velinsky

Connectivity and directionality in estuarine channel networks, Matthew Hiatt, Elisabeth A. Addink, and Maarten G. Kleinhans

Identification and analysis of channel connectivity in rivers and estuaries, Matthew Hiatt, Maarten Kleinhans, Elisabeth Addink, Wout van Dijk, Willem Sonke, and Bettina Speckmann

Predicting coral metapopulation decline in a changing thermal environment, Daniel M. Holstein, Tyler B. Smith, Ruben van Hooidonk, and Claire B. Paris

Geomorphologic change and patchy mud infilling in a sandy dredge pit in eastern Ship Shoal, Louisiana shelf, USA, H. Liu, K. Xu, C. Wilson, S.J. Bentley, Z. Xue, and Z. Zhang

150 Years of Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, Stephen R. Midway and D. Derek Aday

Tidal change in response to the relative sea level rise and marsh accretion in a tidally choked estuary, Ali Reza Payandeh, Dubravko Justic, Haosheng Huang, Giulio Mariotti, and Scott C. Hagen

Economic Values of Potential Regulation Changes for the Southern Flounder Fishery in Louisiana, David R. Smith, Stephen R. Midway, Rex H. Caffey, and Jerrod M. Penn

Alluvial connectivity in multi‐channel networks in rivers and estuaries, Willem Sonke, Maarten G. Kleinhans, Bettina Speckmann, Wout M. Dijk, and Matthew Hiatt


Reef Sediments Can Act As a Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Vector, Michael S. Studivan, Ashley M. Rossin, Ewelina Rubin, Nash Soderberg, Daniel M. Holstein, and Ian C. Enochs

An Algorithm to Bias-Correct and Transform Arctic SMAP-Derived Skin Salinities into Bulk Surface Salinities, David Trossman and Eric Bayler

A Prototype for Remote Monitoring of Ocean Heat Content Anomalies, David S. Trossman and Robert H. Tyler

Tracer and observationally derived constraints on diapycnal diffusivities in an ocean state estimate, David S. Trossman, Caitlin B. Whalen, Thomas W. N. Haine, Amy F. Waterhouse, An T. Nguyen, Arash Bigdeli, Matthew Mazloff, and Patrick Heimbach


Peak chlorophyll a concentrations in the lower Mississippi River from 1997 to 2018, R. Eugene Turner, Charles S. Milan, Erick M. Swenson, and James M. Lee


Mass removal efficiencies in water and consequences after a river diversion into coastal wetlands: second thoughts, R. Eugene Turner, Erik M. Swenson, James M. Lee, and Charles S. Milan

Interneuronal network model of theta-nested fast oscillations predicts differential effects of heterogeneity, gap junctions and short term depression for hyperpolarizing versus shunting inhibition, Guillem Via, Fernando R. Fernandez, John A. White, and Carmen C. Canavier

Geomorphic and hydrodynamic impacts on sediment transport on the inner Louisiana shelf, K. Xu, J. Wang, C. Li, S.J. Bentley, and M.D. Miner

Nature versus Humans in Coastal Environmental Change: Assessing the Impacts of Hurricanes Zeta and Ida in the Context of Beach Nourishment Projects in the Mississippi River Delta, Qiang Yao, Marcelo Cancela Lisboa Cohen, Kam-biu Liu, Adriana Vivan de Souza, and Erika Rodrigues

A Late-Holocene palynological record of coastal ecological change and climate variability from Apalachicola, Florida, U.S.A, Qiang Yao, Erika Rodrigues, Kam-biu Liu, Caitlin Snyder, and Nicholas Culligan

Water Circulation Driven by Cold Fronts in the Wax Lake Delta (Louisiana, USA), Qian Zhang, Chunyan Li, Wei Huang, Jun Lin, Matthew Hiatt, and Victor H. Rivera-Monroy

Comparing the Yangtze and Mississippi River Deltas in the light of coupled natural-human dynamics: Lessons learned and implications for management, W. Zhang, Y.J. Xu, L. Guo, N.S.-N. Lam, K. Xu, S. Yang, Q. Yao, and K.-B. Liu

Submissions from 2021

Anticipating and Adapting to the Future Impacts of Climate Change on the Health, Security and Welfare of Low Elevation Coastal Zone (LECZ) Communities in Southeastern USA, Thomas Allen, Joshua Behr, Anamaria Bukvic, Ryan S.D. Calder, Kiki Caruson, Charles Connor, Christopher D’Elia, David Dismukes, and Robin Ersing

Trophic ecology of the Atlantic blue crab Callinectes sapidus as an invasive non-native species in the Aegean Sea, Herdem Aslan and Michael J. Polito

In‐hospital development of an aorto‐cardiac fistula in a Warmblood gelding with chronic renal disease, R. E. Baker, J. W. Schlipf Jr, K. F. Scollan, N. L. LeBlanc, and D. S. Russell

Hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and water quality of two contrasting dredge pits on the Louisiana shelf, R. Bales, K. Xu, G. Li, K. Maiti, and H. Liu

Do neighbours matter? The effect of single‐ and mixed‐species sowing density on seed germination of annual wetland plants, Francielli Bao, Davi Rodrigo Rossatto, Arnildo Pott, Tracy Elsey‐Quirk, Marco Antonio Assis, Rafael Arruda, Desirée Marques Ramos, and Borja Jiménez‐Alfaro

Present vs. Future Losses from a 100-year Flood: A Case Study of Grand Isle, Louisiana, Rubayet Bin Mostafiz, Nazla Bushra, Carol Freidland, and Robert Rohli

A Data-driven, Probabilistic, Multiple Return Period Method of Flood Depth Estimation, Rubayet Bin Mostafiz, Carol Friedland, Adilur Rahim, Robert Rohli, and Nazla Bushra


Spatiotemporal Trends and Variability in the Centroid of the Northern Hemisphere's Circumpolar Vortex, Nazla Bushra and Robert V. Rohli

Effect of a Once in 100-Year Flood on a Subtropical Coastal Phytoplankton Community, Lesley A. Clementson, Anthony J. Richardson, Wayne A. Rochester, Kadija Oubelkheir, Bingqing Liu, Eurico J. D'Sa, Luiz Felipe Mendes Gusmão, Penelope Ajani, Thomas Schroeder, Phillip W. Ford, et al.

Effects of Beach Nourishment Project on Coastal Geomorphology and Mangrove Dynamics in Southern Louisiana, USA, Marcelo Cancela Lisboa Cohen, Adriana Vivan de Souza, Kam-Biu Liu, Erika Rodrigues, Qiang Yao, Luiz Carlos Ruiz Pessenda, Dilce Rossetti, Junghyung Ryu, and Marianne Dietz


Climate Change Implications For Tidal Marshes And Food Web Linkages To Estuarine And Coastal Nekton, D D. Colombano, S. Y. Litvin, S. L. Ziegler, S. B. Alford, D. D. Colombano, M. A. Barbeau, J. Cebrian, R. M. Connolly, C. A. Currin, L. A. Deegan, et al.

Late Pleistocene baldcypress ( Taxodium distichum ) forest deposit on the continental shelf of the northern Gulf of Mexico, Kristine L. Delong, Suyapa Gonzalez, Jeffrey B. Obelcz, Jonathan T. Truong, Samuel J. Bentley Sr, Kehui Xu, Carl A. Reese, Grant L. Harley, and Alicia Caporaso

Differentiating hurricane deposits in coastal sedimentary records: two storms, one layer, but different processes, Marianne E. Dietz, Kam-biu Liu, Thomas A. Bianchette, and Denson Smith

Sex-specific spatial use of the winter foraging areas by Magellanic penguins and assessment of potential conflicts with fisheries during winter dispersal, Samanta Dodino, Vitor Hugo Rodrigues Paiva, Nicolás A. Lois, Luciana Riccialdelli, Michael J. Polito, Klemens Pütz, and Andrea Raya Rey

Ross Sea Dissolved Organic Matter Optical Properties During an Austral Summer: Biophysical Influences, Eurico J. D'Sa, Hyun-Cheol Kim, Sun-Yong Ha, and Ishan Joshi

High Reinvasion Potential of Phragmites australis in a Delaware River (USA) Tidal Freshwater Marsh Following Chemical Treatment: the Role of the Seedbank, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Mary Allessio Leck

Upwelling and the persistence of coral‐reef frameworks in the eastern tropical Pacific, Ian C. Enochs, Lauren T. Toth, Amanda Kirkland, Derek P. Manzello, Graham Kolodziej, John T. Morris, Daniel M. Holstein, Austin Schlenz, Carly J. Randall, Juan L. Maté, et al.

Changing climate associated with the range‐wide decline of an estuarine finfish, Kenneth A. Erickson, Joe West, Michael A. Dance, Troy M. Farmer, Joseph C. Ballenger, and Stephen R. Midway

Trends in Growth Modeling in Fisheries Science, Shane A. Flinn and Stephen R. Midway

Morphodynamic modeling of a low-lying barrier subject to hurricane forcing: The role of backbarrier wetlands, C.L. Johnson, Q. Chen, C.E. Ozdemir, K. Xu, R. McCall, and K. Nederhoff

Body size, trophic position, and the coupling of different energy pathways across a saltmarsh landscape, Friedrich W. Keppeler, Jill A. Olin, Paola C. López‐Duarte, Michael J. Polito, Linda M. Hooper‐Bùi, Sabrina S. Taylor, Nancy N. Rabalais, F. Joel Fodrie, Brian J. Roberts, R. Eugene Turner, et al.

Including the effects of subsurface currents on buoyant particles in Lagrangian particle tracking models: Model development and its application to the study of riverborne plastics over the Louisiana/Texas shelf, Jun-Hong Liang, Jinliang Liu, Mark Benfield, Dubravko Justic, Daniel Holstein, Bingqing Liu, Robert Hetland, Daijiro Kobashi, Changming Dong, and Weiyuan Dong

Long-term monitoring informs data-poor marine species in the northern Gulf of Mexico, Stephen R. Midway, Kenneth A. Erickson, Michael D. Kaller, and William Kelso

COVID-19 influences on US recreational angler behavior, Stephen R. Midway, Fraser Andrew Januchowski-Hartley, Abigail J. Lynch, Brandon K. Peoples, Michael Dance, and Rex Caffey


Marginal warming associated with a COVID-19 quarantine and the implications for disease transmission, P. W. Miller, C. Reesman, M. K. Grossman, S. A. Nelson, V. Liu, and P. Wang


Characterization Of Common Phytoplankton On The Louisiana Shelf, M L. Parsons, A L. Brandt, R. Eugene Turner, W L. Morrison, and M L. Parsons

Suspended sediment dynamics in a deltaic estuary controlled by subtidal motion and offshore river plumes, Ali Reza Payandeh, Dubravko Justic, Giulio Mariotti, Haosheng Huang, Kendall Valentine, and Nan D. Walker

Reproductive biology of hardhead catfish Ariopsis felis : evidence for overwintering oocytes, Lucas G. Pensinger, Nancy J. Brown‐Peterson, Christopher C. Green, and Stephen R. Midway

Ontogenetic stability in the trophic niche of a common Gulf of Mexico fish, Ariopsis felis, Lucas G. Pensinger, Michael J. Polito, and Stephen R. Midway

Soil phosphorus fractions and distributions in estuarine wetlands with different climax vegetation covers in the Yellow River Delta, Fanzhu Qu, Ling Meng, Jiangbao Xia, Haosheng Huang, Chao Zhan, and Yunzhao Li

Early Diagenesis in the Hypoxic and Acidified Zone of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Is Organic Matter Recycling in Sediments Disconnected From the Water Column?, C. Rabouille, B. Lansard, S.M. Owings, N.N. Rabalais, B. Bombled, E. Metzger, J. Richirt, E.M. Eitel, A.D. Boever, J.S. Beckler, et al.

A Da+2:46ta-intensive Approach to Allocating Owner vs. NFIP portion of Average Annual Flood Losses, Adilur Rahim, Carol Freidland, Robert Rohli, Nazla Bushra, and Rubayet Bin Mostafiz

Pelagic denitrification and methane oxidation in oxygen-depleted waters of the Louisiana shelf, M.K. Rogener, K.S. Hunter, N.N. Rabalais, B.J. Roberts, A. Bracco, F.J. Stewart, and S.B. Joye


In Memoriam, Kenneth Rose, William F. Patterson III, Stephen R. Midway, and David L. Nieland

Macroecological patterns of forest structure and allometric scaling in mangrove forests, Andre S. Rovai, Robert R. Twilley, Edward Castañeda‐Moya, Stephen R. Midway, Daniel A. Friess, Carl C. Trettin, Jacob J. Bukoski, Atticus E.L. Stovall, Paulo R. Pagliosa, Alessandra L. Fonseca, et al.

Long-term fate of rapidly eroding carbon stock soil profiles in coastal wetlands, Yadav Sapkota and John R. White

Spatiotemporal Variability of Fishery‐Dependent Indices for the Declining Louisiana Southern Flounder Fishery, David R. Smith, Michael A. Dance, Joe West, and Stephen R. Midway

Landscape features and study design affect elements of metacommunity structure for stream fishes across the eastern U.S.A., Lauren Stoczynski, Bryan L. Brown, Stephen R. Midway, and Brandon K. Peoples

Long‐term change in the avifauna of undisturbed Amazonian rainforest: ground‐foraging birds disappear and the baseline shifts, Philip C. Stouffer, Vitek Jirinec, Cameron L. Rutt, Richard O. Bierregaard Jr, Angélica Hernández‐Palma, Erik I. Johnson, Stephen R. Midway, Luke L. Powell, Jared D. Wolfe, Thomas E. Lovejoy, et al.

Poleward Shift in Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the Northwest Pacific During Warm Periods: Past and Future, Shichen Tao, Kam‐biu Liu, Kefu Yu, Qi Shi, Hongqiang Yan, Huiling Zhang, Luo Wang, Zhongzhou Huang, and Tegu Chen

Declining Sediment Discharge in the Yangtze River From 1956 to 2017: Spatial and Temporal Changes and Their Causes, Q. Tian, K. H. Xu, C. M. Dong, S. L. Yang, Y. J. He, and B. W. Shi


Declining Bacteria, Lead, and Sulphate, and Rising pH and Oxygen in the Lower Mississippi River, R. Eugene Turner


Declining Bacteria, Lead, And Sulphate, And Rising Ph And Oxygen In The Lower Mississippi River, R. Eugene Turner


The Tensile Root Strength of Spartina Patens Declines with Exposure to Multiple Stressors, R. Eugene Turner and Lauris O. Hollis


Phosphorus Concentrations Into A Subtropical Lake Strongly Influence Nitrogen Accumulation, Nitrogen Export, And Chl A Concentrations, R. Eugene Turner, J M. Lee, C S. Milan, and E M. Swenson


Salt Marsh Elevation Limit Determined After Subsidence From Hydrologic Change And Hydrocarbon Extraction, R. Eugene Turner and Yu Mo


Estuarine Oiling Increases A Long-Term Decline In Mussel Growth*, R. Eugene Turner and Jennifer S. Spicer

Sandy Borrow Area Sedimentation—Characteristics and Processes Within South Pelto Dredge Pit on Ship Shoal, Louisiana Shelf, USA, Z. Xue, C.A. Wilson, K.H. Xu, S.J. Bentley, and H. Liu

Low-latitude control on sea surface temperatures in the middle Okinawa Trough over the last 3.6 kyr, F. Xu, Y. Dou, J. Zhao, J. Li, X. Liu, K. Xu, F. Cai, Z. Wen, and X. Chen

Provenance and weathering of sediments in the deep basin of the northern South China Sea during the last 38 kyr, F. Xu, B. Hu, J. Zhao, X. Liu, K. Xu, Z. Xiong, F. Wang, X. Ding, and Q. Li

Different fates of the Yangtze and Mississippi deltaic wetlands under similar riverine sediment decline and sea-level rise, H.F. Yang, S.L. Yang, B.C. Li, Y.P. Wang, J.Z. Wang, Z.L. Zhang, K.H. Xu, Y.G. Huang, and B.W. Shi

Decreasing land growth and unique seasonal area fluctuations of two newborn Mississippi subdeltas, X. Zhang, K. Xu, Z. Yang, X. Tan, and C. Wu


Ecosytem Services: Delivering Decision-Making for Salt Marshes, Philine S. E. zu Ermgassen, Ronald Baker, Michael W. Beck, Kate Dodds, Sophus O. S. E. zu Ermgassen, Debbrota Mallick, Matthew D. Taylor, and R. Eugene Turner

Submissions from 2020


The dynamic trophic niche of an island bird of prey, Ulises Balza, Nicolas A. Lois, Michael J. Polito, Klemens Puetz, Amira Saalom, and Andrea Raya Rey

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 by RNAscope® in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry techniques, Mariano Carossino, S. Ip, Juergen A. Richt, Kendra Shultz, Kimberly Harper, Alan T. Loynachan, Fabio Del Piero, and Udeni B. R. Balasuriya

Hurricanes fertilize mangrove forests in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida Everglades, USA), Edward Castañeda-Moya, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Randolph M. Chambers, Xiaochen Zhao, Lukas Lamb-Wotton, Adrianna Gorsky, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Tiffany G. Troxler, John S. Kominoski, and Matthew Hiatt

Stratigraphic heterogeneity in the Yangtze River subaqueous delta revealed by chronological and mineral magnetic approaches, Qinzi Cheng, Feng Wang, Jin Chen, Can Ge, Yinglu Chen, Xuanqi Zhao, Xiaomei Nian, Weiguo Zhang, Kam-biu Liu, Yijun Xu, et al.

Genome‐wide association study for host genetic factors associated with equine herpesvirus type‐1 induced myeloencephalopathy, Wangisa M. B. Dunuwille, Navid YousefiMashouf, Udeni B. R. Balasuriya, Nicola Pusterla, and Ernest Bailey

Geometry and Topology of Estuary and Braided River Channel Networks Automatically Extracted From Topographic Data, Matthew Hiatt


Optical Properties Using Adaptive Selection of NIR/SWIR Reflectance Correction and Quasi-Analytic Algorithms for the MODIS-Aqua in Estuarine-Ocean Continuum: Application to the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Ishan D. Joshi and Eurico J. D'Sa

Late Holocene variation in the Hard prey remains and stable isotope values of penguin and seal tissues from the Danger Islands, Antarctica, Rohit Kalvakaalva, Gemma Clucas, Rachael W. Herman, and Michael J. Polito

CaMKIIα-Positive Interneurons Identified via a microRNA-Based Viral Gene Targeting Strategy, Marianna K. Keaveney, Bahar Rahsepar, Hua-an Tseng, Fernando R. Fernandez, Rebecca A. Mount, Tina Ta, John A. White, Jim Berg, and Xue Han


Evidence of Pathogen-Induced Immunogenetic Selection across the Large Geographic Range of a Wild Seabird, Hila Levy, Stephen R. Fiddaman, Julianna A. Vianna, Daly Noll, Gemma Clucas, Jasmine K. H. Sidhu, Michael J. Polito, Charles A. Bost, Richard A. Phillips, Sarah Crofts, et al.

Sediment Transport near Ship Shoal for Coastal Restoration in the Louisiana Shelf: A Model Estimate of the Year 2017–2018, Haoran Liu, Kehui Xu, Yanda Ou, Robert Bales, Zhengchen Zang, and Z. George Xue

Mercury concentrations in store‐bought shrimp, Angelle McCormick, Matthew D. Robertson, Rebecka Brasso, and Stephen R. Midway

Principles of Effective Data Visualization, Stephen R. Midway

Electronic Self‐Reporting: Angler Attitudes and Behaviors in the Recreational Red Snapper Fishery, Stephen R. Midway, Jason Adriance, Patrick Banks, Sepp Haukebo, and Rex Caffey

Macroscale drivers of Atlantic and Gulf Menhaden growth, Stephen R. Midway, Amy M. Schueller, Robert T. Leaf, Geneviève M. Nesslage, and Raymond M. Mroch III


The Resilience Of Coastal Marshes To Hurricanes: The Potential Impact Of Excess Nutrients, Y Mo, M S. Kearney, and R. Eugene Turner


Unraveling the Gordian Knot: Eight testable hypotheses on the effects of nutrient enrichment on tidal wetland sustainability, Thomas J. Mozdzer, Elizabeth Burke Watson, William H. Orem, Christopher M. Swarzenski, and R. Eugene Turner


Anthropogenic, Direct Pressures On Coastal Wetlands, A Newton, J Icely, S Cristina, G M. Perillo, A Newton, D Ashan, S Cragg, Y M. Luo, C Tu, Y Li, et al.

Landscape-scale drivers of fish faunal homogenization and differentiation in the eastern United States, Brandon K. Peoples, Amy J. S. Davis, Stephen R. Midway, Julian D. Olden, and Lauren Stoczynski


Fish assemblages associated with artificial reefs assessed using multiple gear types in the northwest Gulf of Mexico, Jeffrey D. Plumlee, Kaylan M. Dance, Michael A. Dance, Hay R. Rooker, Thomas C. TinHan, J. Brooke Shipley, and R. J. David Wells