Submissions from 2011

Oceanic response around the Yucatan Peninsula to the 2005 hurricanes from remote sensing, E.J. D'sa, N.C. Tehrani, and V.H. Rivera-Monroy

Differential population response of allocation, phenology, and tissue chemistry in Spartina alterniflora, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, and John L. Gallagher

Nitrogen Pools of Macrophyte Species in a Coastal Lagoon Salt Marsh: Implications for Seasonal Storage and Dispersal, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, and John L. Gallagher

Salt Marsh Carbon Pool Distribution in a Mid-Atlantic Lagoon, USA: Sea Level Rise Implications, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, Christopher K. Sommerfield, and John L. Gallagher

Rare earth element geochemistry in the inner shelf of the East China Sea and its implication to sediment provenances, Xu Fangjian, Li Anchun, Li Tiegang, Xu Kehui, Chen Shiyue, Qiu Longwei, and Cao Yingchang

Membrane voltage fluctuations reduce spike frequency adaptation and preserve output gain in CA1 pyramidal neurons in a high-conductance state., Fernandez FR, Broicher T, Truong A, and White JA

Simple equations to estimate ratios of new or export production to total production from satellite-derived estimates of sea surface temperature and primary production, E.A. Laws, E. D'Sa, and P. Naik

Absorption properties of shoal-dominated waters in the Atchafalaya Shelf, Louisiana, USA, P. Naik, E.J. D'Sa, M. Grippo, R. Condrey, and J. Fleeger


A Once And Future Gulf OF Mexico Ecosystem: Restoration Recommendations Of An Expert Working Group, Charles H. Peterson, Felicia C. Coleman, Jeremy B. C. Jackson, R. Eugene Turner, Gilbert T. Rowe, Richard T. Barber, Karen A. Bjorndal, Robert S. Carney, Robert K. Cowen, Jonathan M. Hoekstra, et al.

Dietary isotopic discrimination in gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) feathers, Michael J. Polito, Stephanie Abel, Craig R. Tobias, and Steven D. Emslie

Stable isotopes reveal regional heterogeneity in the pre-breeding distribution and diets of sympatrically breeding Pygoscelis spp. penguins, Michael J. Polito, Heather J. Lynch, Ron Naveen, and Steven D. Emslie

Integrating Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analyses to Quantify the Diets of Pygoscelid Penguins, Michael J. Polito, Wayne Z. Trivelpiece, Nina J. Karnovsky, Elizabeth Ng, William P. Patterson, and Steven D. Emslie

Troubled waters of the gulf of Mexico, N.N. Rabalais

The lost legacy of Robert DeCourcy Ward in American geographical climatology, Robert Rohli

GenNet: A Platform for Hybrid Network Experiments., Kispersky TJ, Economo MN, Randeria P, and White JA

Application of thin-plate splines in two dimensions to oceanographic tracer data, D.S. Trossman, L.A. Thompson, and S.L. Hautala

Corn Belt landscapes and hypoxia of the Gulf of Mexico, R.E. Turner, N.N. Rabalais, D. Scavia, and G.F. McIsaac

Impacts of loop current frontal cyclonic eddies and wind forcing on the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill, N.D. Walker, C.T. Pilley, V.V. Raghunathan, E.J. D'Sa, R.R. Leben, N.G. Hoffmann, P.J. Brickley, P.D. Coholan, N. Sharma, H.C. Graber, et al.

Dispersal of Mississippi and Atchafalaya sediment on the Texas-Louisiana shelf: Model estimates for the year 1993, Kehui Xu, Courtney K. Harris, Robert D. Hetland, and James M. Kaihatu

50,000 dams later: Erosion of the Yangtze River and its delta, S. L. Yang, J. D. Milliman, P. Li, and K. Xu

Submissions from 2010

Abundance and spatial distribution of sympatrically breeding Catharacta spp. (skuas) in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica, Ana Paula Bertoldi Carneiro, Michael J. Polito, Martin Sander, and Wayne Z. Trivelpiece

Effects of a frontal passage on surface salinity distribution along the Louisiana-Texas coast, USA from ocean color and model outputs, E.J. D'Sa and D.S. Ko

Gain control in CA1 pyramidal cells using changes in somatic conductance., Fernandez FR and White JA

Evaluating the potential risk of microcystins to blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) fisheries and human health in a eutrophic estuary, A.C. Garcia, S. Bargu, P. Dash, N.N. Rabalais, M. Sutor, W. Morrison, and N.D. Walker

Evidence for greater oxygen decline rates in the coastal ocean than in the open ocean, D. Gilbert, N.N. Rabalais, R.J. Díaz, and J. Zhang

Contribution of phytoplankton and benthic microalgae to inner shelf sediments of the north-central Gulf of Mexico, M.A. Grippo, J.W. Fleeger, N.N. Rabalais, R. Condrey, and K.R. Carman

Finite Element Model Updating of a PSC Box Girder Bridge Using Ambient Vibration Test, Matthew Hiatt, Annika Mathiasson, John Okwori, Seung Seop Jin, Shen Shang, Gun Jin Yun, Juan Caicedo, Richard Christenson, Chung Bang Yun, and Hoon Sohn

Recommendations for interdisciplinary study of tipping points in natural and social systems, T.E. Jordan, O.E. Sala, S.G. Stafford, J.L. Bubier, J.C. Crittenden, S.L. Cutter, A.C. Kay, G.D. Libecap, J.C. Moore, N.N. Rabalais, et al.

Dynamic clamp: alteration of response properties and creation of virtual realities in neurophysiology., Economo MN, Fernandez FR, and White JA

Assessment of particulate absorption properties in the southeastern Bering Sea from in-situ and remote sensing data, P. Naik, E. D'Sa, J.I. Goés, and H.D.R. Gomes

Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis of sea-surface temperature and chlorophyll in the eastern Bering Sea, P. Naik and E.J. D'Sa

Investigating the use of stable isotope analysis of milk to infer seasonal trends in the diets and foraging habitats of female Antarctic fur seals, Michael J. Polito and Michael E. Goebel

Maturation increases early reproductive investment in Adelie Penguins Pygoscelis adeliae, Michael J. Polito, Aileen K. Miller, Susan G. Trivelpiece, and Wayne Z. Trivelpiece

Effects of biological and physical factors on seasonal oxygen dynamics in a stratified, eutrophic coastal ecosystem, Z.J. Quiñones-Rivera, B. Wissel, N.N. Rabalais, and D. Justic

Eutrophication of Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems, N.N. Rabalais

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium: Relatively new kid on the block, N.N. Rabalais


Dynamics And Distribution Of Natural And Human-Caused Hypoxia, N N. Rabalais, R J. Diaz, L A. Levin, R. Eugene Turner, N N. Rabalais, and J Zhang

Phase-response curves and synchronized neural networks., Smeal RM, Ermentrout GB, and White JA

Assessing links between upper atmospheric vorticity patterns and directional changes in hurricane tracks, Robert Rohli

Kernel Density Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Frequencies in the North Atlantic Basin, Robert Rohli

Band recoveries and juvenile dispersal of Southern Giant Petrels Macronectes giganteus marked as chicks in Antarctica by the Brazilian Antarctic program (1984-1993), M. Sander, S.A. Garcia, A.P.B. Carneiro, S.I. Cristofoli, and M.J. Polito

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) variability in Barataria Basin using excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence and parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC), S. Singh, E.J. D'Sa, and E.M. Swenson

Seasonal variability in CDOM absorption and fluorescence properties in the Barataria Basin, Louisiana, USA, S. Singh, E. D'Sa, and E. Swenson

The mechanism of abrupt transition between theta and hyper-excitable spiking activity in medial entorhinal cortex layer II stellate cells., Kispersky T, White JA, and Rotstein HG


Beneath The Salt Marsh Canopy: Loss Of Soil Strength With Increasing Nutrient Loads, R. Eugene Turner

Potential of MODIS EVI in identifying hurricane disturbance to coastal vegetation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, F. Wang and E.J. D'Sa


Abundance And Ecological Significance Of The Clam Rangia Cuneata (Sowerby, 1831) In The Upper Barataria Estuary (Louisiana, USA), Wai Hing Wong, Nancy N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Temporal trend of precipitation and runoff in major Chinese Rivers since 1951, K. H. Xu, J. D. Milliman, and H. Xu

Natural and human-induced hypoxia and consequences for coastal areas: Synthesis and future development, J. Zhang, D. Gilbert, A.J. Gooday, L. Levin, S.W.A. Naqvi, J.J. Middelburg, M. Scranton, W. Ekau, A. Peña, B. Dewitte, et al.

Submissions from 2009

Trends in oxygen variability in the Northern Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, B.L. Babin and N.N. Rabalais

Effects of summer 2003 hypoxia on macrobenthos and Atlantic croaker foraging selectivity in the northern Gulf of Mexico, M.M. Baustian, J.K. Craig, and N.N. Rabalais

Seasonal composition of benthic macroinfauna exposed to hypoxia in the northern Gulf of Mexico, M.M. Baustian and N.N. Rabalais


Nutrient Enrichment Drives Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia, Donald F. Boesch, Walter R. Boyton, Larry B. Crowder, Robert J. Diaz, Robert W. Howarth, Laurence D. Mee, Scott W. Nixon, Nancy N. Rabalais, Rutger Rosenberg, James G. Sanders, et al.

A quantitative assessment of human impacts on decrease in sediment flux from major Chinese rivers entering the western Pacific Ocean, Z. X. Chu, S. K. Zhai, X. X. Lu, J. P. Liu, J. X. Xu, and K. H. Xu

Hypoxia-related processes in the Baltic Sea, D.J. Conley, S. Bj̈orck, E. Bonsdorff, J. Carstensen, G. Destouni, B.G. Gustafsson, S. Hietanen, M. Kortekaas, H. Kuosa, H.E.M. Meier, et al.

Tackling hypoxia in the Baltic Sea: Is engineering a solution?, D.J. Conley, E. Bonsdorff, J. Carstensen, G. Destouni, B.G. Gustafsson, L.-A. Hansson, N.N. Rabalais, M. Voss, and L. Zillén

Dynamical instability determines the effect of ongoing noise on neural firing., O'Gorman DE, White JA, and Shera CA

Dead zone dilemma, R.J. Díaz, R. Rosenberg, N.N. Rabalais, and L.A. Levin

Seasonal variability and controls on chromophoric dissolved organic matter in a large river-dominated coastal margin, E.J. D'Sa and S.F. DiMarco

Examining SeaWiFS chlorophyll variability along the Louisiana coast using wavelet analysis, E.J. D'Sa and M. Korobkin

Wind influence on chlorophyll variability along the Louisiana-Texas coast from satellite wind and ocean color data, E.J. D'Sa and M. Korobkin

Seed Dispersal and Seedling Emergence in a Created and a Natural Salt Marsh on the Gulf of Mexico Coast in Southwest Louisiana, U.S.A., Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Beth A. Middleton, and C. Edward Proffitt

Seed flotation and germination of salt marsh plants: The effects of stratification, salinity, and/or inundation regime, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Beth A. Middleton, and C. Edward Proffitt


Compensating for Wetland Losses Under the Clean Water Act (Redux): Evaluating the Federal Compensatory Mitigation Regulation, Royal C. Gardner, Joy Zedler, Ann Redmond, R. Eugene Turner, Carol A. Johnston, Victoria R. Alverez, Charles A. Simenstad, Karen L. Prestegaard, and William J. Mitsch

Historical records of coastal eutrophication-induced hypoxia, A.J. Gooday, F. Jorissen, L.A. Levin, J.J. Middelburg, S.W.A. Naqvi, N.N. Rabalais, M. Scranton, and J. Zhang

Satellite observations and NCOM assessment of the Mississippi-Louisiana- Texas coast following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, M. Korobkin, E. D'Sa, and D.S. Ko

Effects of natural and human-induced hypoxia on coastal benthos, L.A. Levin, W. Ekau, A.J. Gooday, F. Jorissen, J.J. Middelburg, S.W.A. Naqvi, C. Neira, N.N. Rabalais, and J. Zhang

Disturbance impacts on mercury dynamics in northern Gulf of Mexico sediments, B. Liu, L.A. Schaider, R.P. Mason, M.S. Bank, N.N. Rabalais, P.W. Swarzenski, J.P. Shine, T. Holiweg, and D.B. Senn

Absorption properties along the 70-m isobath in the southeastern Bering Sea during July 2008, P. Naik, E.J. D'Sa, J.I. Goés, and H.D.R. Gomes

Particulate absorption properties from MODIS ocean color and four in-situ transects in the southeastern Bering Sea shelf during July 2008, P. Naik, E.J. D'Sa, J.I. Goés, and H.D.R. Gomes

Tissue-specific isotopic discrimination factors in gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) egg components: Implications for dietary reconstruction using stable isotopes, Michael J. Polito, Stephanie Fisher, Craig R. Tobias, and Steven D. Emslie

A Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach for analyzing observational data from marine ecological studies, S.S. Qian, J.K. Craig, M.M. Baustian, and N.N. Rabalais

Hypoxia, N.N. Rabalais


Global Change And Eutrophication Of Coastal Waters, N N. Rabalais, R. Eugene Turner, R J. Diaz, D Justic, and N N. Rabalais


Nutrient Limitation On Phytoplankton Growth In The Upper Barataria Basin, Louisiana: Microcosm Bioassays, Ling Ren, Nancy N. Rabalais, R. Eugene Turner, Wendy Morrison, and Warren Mendenhall

Weighing Lysimeters for Evapotranspiration Research on Clay Soil, Robert Rohli

Now is the time for action: Transitions and tipping points in complex environmental systems, S.G. Stafford, D.M. Bartels, S. Begay-Campbell, J.L. Bubier, J.C. Crittenden, S.L. Cutter, J.R. Delaney, T.E. Jordan, A.C. Kay, G.D. Libecap, et al.

Estimates of North Atlantic ventilation and mode water formation for winters 2002-06, D.S. Trossman, L. Thompson, K.A. Kelly, and Y.-O. Kwon


Comments on Buzan et al. “Positive Relationships between Freshwater Inflow and Oyster Abundance in Galveston Bay, Texas”, R. Eugene Turner


Doubt And The Values Of An Ignorance-Based World View For Restoration: Coastal Louisiana Wetlands, R. Eugene Turner


Salt Marshes And Eutrophication: An Unsustainable Outcome, R. Eugene Turner, B L. Howes, J M. Teal, C S. Milan, and D D. Goehringer-Toner

Cold event at 5 500 a BP recorded in mud sediments on the inner shelf of the East China Sea, F. J. Xu, A. C. Li, K. H. Xu, T. G. Li, S. Y. Chen, S. M. Wan, and J. G. Liu

Seasonal variations of sediment discharge from the Yangtze River before and after impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam, K. H. Xu and J. D. Milliman

Yangtze- and Taiwan-derived sediments on the inner shelf of East China Sea, K. H. Xu, J. D. Milliman, A. C. Li, J. P. Liu, S. J. Kao, and S. M. Wan

Submissions from 2008


Restoration Of Dredged Canals In Wetlands: A Comparison Of Methods, Joseph Baustian, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy F. Walters, and David P. Muth

Development of theta rhythmicity in entorhinal stellate cells of the juvenile rat., Burton BG, Economo MN, Lee GJ, and White JA


Below- and Aboveground Biomass of Spartina alterniflora: Response to Nutrient Addition in a Louisiana Salt Marsh, Faith A. Darby and R. Eugene Turner


Effects Of Eutrophication On Salt Marsh Root And Rhizome Biomass Accumulation, F A. Darby and R. Eugene Turner

Colored dissolved organic matter in coastal waters influenced by the Atchafalaya River, USA: Effects of an algal bloom, E.J. D'Sa

Short-term influences on suspended particulate matter distribution in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Satellite and model observations, E.J. D'Sa and D.S. Ko

Colored dissolved organic matter in the northern Gulf of Mexico using ocean color: Seasonal trends in 2005, E.J. D'Sa and M. Korobkin

Using NASA remote sensing data for coastal monitoring in the northern Gulf of Mexico: A case study, E.J. D'Sa, M. Korobkin, N. Walker, and G. Stone

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Ocean urea fertilization for carbon credits poses high ecological risks, P.M. Glibert, R. Azanza, M. Burford, K. Furuya, E. Abal, A. Al-Azri, F. Al-Yamani, P. Andersen, D.M. Anderson, J. Beardall, et al.

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