Submissions from 2018

Spartina patens Productivity and Soil Organic Matter Response to Sedimentation and Nutrient Enrichment, Shannon Matzke and Tracy Elsey-Quirk

Improved Growth Estimates for Lethrinus harak: Measuring Increments, Adjusting Ages, and Fitting Flexible Growth Models, Stephen Midway

Impact of Seabed Resuspension on Oxygen and Nitrogen Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Numerical Modeling Study, J.M. Moriarty, C.K. Harris, M.A.M. Friedrichs, K. Fennel, and K. Xu

The Sensitivity of Future Ocean Oxygen to Changes in Ocean Circulation, Jaime B. Palter and David S. Trossman

Fishing pressure and species traits affect stream fish invasions both directly and indirectly, Brandon K. Peoples, Stephen R. Midway, and Brian Leung


The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill And Gulf Of Mexico Shelf Hypoxia, Nancy N. Rabalais, Leslie M. Smith, and R. Eugene Turner

Shelter-seeking behavior of crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, in elevated carbon dioxide, M. D. Robertson, M. F. Hernandez, S. R. Midway, C. T. Hasler, and C. D. Suski

Atmospheric circulation variability and vintage Port wine, Robert Rohli

Community Resilience to Drought Hazard in the South-Central United States, Robert Rohli

Half-century perspectives on North American spring snowline and snow cover associations with the Pacific-North American teleconnection pattern, Robert Rohli

Hurricane Preparedness among University Residential Housing Assistants and Staff, Robert Rohli

Land cover, lightning frequency, and turbulent fluxes over Southern Louisiana, Robert Rohli

Modeling Hydroclimatic Change in Southwest Louisiana Rivers, Robert Rohli

Metagenomic assembly and prokaryotic metagenome-assembled genome sequences from the Northern Gulf of Mexico "dead Zone", J.C. Thrash, B.J. Baker, K.W. Seitz, B. Temperton, L.G. Campbell, N.N. Rabalais, B. Henrissat, and O.U. Masond

Current CaCO3 dissolution at the seafloor caused by anthropogenic CO2, David Trossman


Response To The Letter To The Editor On Turner (2017), R. Eugene Turner


The Belowground Intersection Of Nutrients And Buoyancy In A Freshwater Marsh, R. Eugene Turner, J E. Bodker, and C Schulz


Sea-Level Rise Tipping Point Of Delta Survival, R. Eugene Turner, M S. Kearney, and R W. Parkinson


Reversing Wetland Death From 35,000 Cuts: Opportunities To Restore Louisiana'S Dredged Canals, R. Eugene Turner and G McClenachan

Drivers of Oxygen Consumption in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Waters—A Stable Carbon Isotope Perspective, H. Wang, X. Hu, N.N. Rabalais, and J. Brandes

Forces driving the morphological evolution of a mud-capped dredge pit, northern Gulf of Mexico, J. Wang, K. Xu, C. Li, and J.B. Obelcz

Hydrological Connectivity in Vegetated River Deltas: The Importance of Patchiness Below a Threshold, Kyle Wright, Matthew Hiatt, and Paola Passalacqua

Recent coarsening of sediments on the southern Yangtze subaqueous delta front: A response to river damming, H. F. Yang, S. L. Yang, Y. Meng, K. H. Xu, X. X. Luo, C. S. Wu, and B. W. Shi

Human impacts on sediment in the Yangtze River: A review and new perspectives, H. F. Yang, S. L. Yang, K. H. Xu, J. D. Milliman, H. Wang, Z. Yang, Z. Chen, and C. Y. Zhang

Submissions from 2017

Effect of wind, river discharge, and outer-shelf phenomena on circulation dynamics of the Atchafalaya Bay and shelf, M.N. Allahdadi, F. Jose, E.J. D'Sa, and D.S. Ko

Research and community of practice of the gulf of Mexico large marine ecosystem, P. Álvarez Torres, N.N. Rabalais, J.M. Piña Gutiérrez, and R.M. Padrón López

Seed bank of seasonally flooded grassland: experimental simulation of flood and post-flood, Francielli Bao, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Marco Antonio de Assis, and Arnildo Pott

Hydrogeomorphic influences on salt marsh sediment accumulation and accretion in two estuaries of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast, B.M. Boyd, C.K. Sommerfield, and T. Elsey-Quirk

Provenance discrimination of the clay sediment in the western Taiwan Strait and its implication for coastal current variability during the late-Holocene, Jing Chen, Junqiang Ma, Kehui Xu, Yan Liu, Wenhong Cao, Taoyuan Wei, Baocheng Zhao, and Zhongyuan Chen

Carbon Dynamics Along a Temperate Fjord-Head Delta: Linkages With Carbon Burial in Fjords, Xingqian Cui, Thomas S. Bianchi, William F. Kenney, Jiaze Wang, Jason H. Curtis, Kehui Xu, and Candida Savage

Surface gradients in dissolved organic matter absorption and fluorescence properties along the New Zealand sector of the southern ocean, E.J. D'Sa and H.-C. Kim


Salt Marsh Bacterial Communities Before And After The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, A S. Engel, C Liu, A T. Paterson, L C. Anderson, A S. Engel, and E B. Overton

Mathematical investigation of IP3-dependent calcium dynamics in astrocytes., Handy G, Taheri M, White JA, and Borisyuk A

What Controls the Transition from Confined to Unconfined Flow? Analysis of Hydraulics in a Coastal River Delta, Matthew Hiatt and Paola Passalacqua

Effects of eutrophication and benthic respiration on water column carbonate chemistry in a traditional hypoxic zone in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, X. Hu, Q. Li, W.-J. Huang, B. Chen, W.-J. Cai, N.N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Anatomical and Electrophysiological Clustering of Superficial Medial Entorhinal Cortex Interneurons., Martínez JJ, Rahsepar B, and White JA

Turbidity in Apalachicola Bay, Florida from Landsat 5 TM and field data: Seasonal patterns and response to extreme events, I.D. Joshi, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, and T.S. Bianchi

Assessing chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) distribution, stocks, and fluxes in Apalachicola Bay using combined field, VIIRS ocean color, and model observations, I.D. Joshi, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, T.S. Bianchi, D.S. Ko, D. Oviedo-Vargas, A.R. Arellano, and N.D. Ward

Influence of Sediment Cohesion on Deltaic Morphodynamics and Stratigraphy Over Basin-Filling Time Scales, Qi Li, W. Matthew Benson, Margaret Harlan, Patrick Robichaux, Xiaoyu Sha, Kehui Xu, and Kyle M. Straub

The Global Mesoscale Eddy Available Potential Energy Field in Models and Observations, C. A. Luecke, B. K. Arbic, S. L. Bassette, J. G. Richman, J. F. Shriver, M. H. Alford, O. M. Smedstad, P. G. Timko, and D. S. Trossman


The Cyst-Theca Relationship Of The Dinoflagellate Cyst Trinovantedinium Pallidifulvum, With Erection Of Protoperidinium Lousianensis Sp Nov And Their Phylogenetic Position Within The Conica Group, Kenneth Mertens, Haifang Gu, Yoshihito Takano, Andrea M. Price, Vera Pospelova, Kara Bogus, Gerard J. M. Versteegh, Fabienne Marret, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, et al.

The roles of resuspension, diffusion and biogeochemical processes on oxygen dynamics offshore of the Rhone River, France: a numerical modeling study, Julia M. Moriarty, Courtney K. Harris, Katja Fennel, Marjorie A. M. Friedrichs, Kehui Xu, and Christophe Rabouille

Diversity of Evoked Astrocyte Ca2+ Dynamics Quantified through Experimental Measurements and Mathematical Modeling., Taheri M, Handy G, Borisyuk A, and White JA


Seaside Sparrows Reveal Contrasting Food Web Responses To Large-Scale Stressors In Coastal Louisiana Saltmarshes, J A. Olin, C M. Burns, S Woltmann, S S. Taylor, J A. Olin, W Bam, L Hooper-Bui, and R. Eugene Turner


Marsh Vulnerability To Sea-Level Rise, R W. Parkinson, C Craft, R D. DeLaune, J F. Donoghue, R W. Parkinson, J F. Meeder, J Morris, and R. Eugene Turner

Stable isotope analyses of feather amino acids identify penguin migration strategies at ocean basin scales, Michael J. Polito, Jefferson T. Hinke, Tom Hart, Mercedes Santos, Leah A. Houghton, and Simon R. Thorrold

Melitasphaeridium choanophorum–a living fossil dinoflagellate cyst in the Gulf of Mexico, A.M. Price, M.M. Baustian, R.E. Turner, N.N. Rabalais, and G.L. Chmura


Dinoflagellate Cysts Track Eutrophication In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, Andrea M. Price, Melissa M. Baustian, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, and Gail L. Chmura

A new method of multi-model ensemble to improve the simulation of the geographic distribution of the Köppen-Geiger climatic types, Robert Rohli

Isotropic and anisotropic kriging approaches for interpolating surface-level wind speeds across large, geographically diverse regions, Robert Rohli

Low-Level Westerly Winds, Topography, and Tropical Cyclogenesis of Arlene (2005): Observations and Model Simulations, Robert Rohli


Ensemble Modeling Informs Hypoxia Management In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, D Scavia, I Bertani, D R. Obenour, R. Eugene Turner, D Scavia, and A Katin

Metabolic roles of uncultivated bacterioplankton lineages in the northern gulf of Mexico “dead zone”, J.C. Thrash, K.W. Seitz, B.J. Baker, B. Temperton, L.E. Gillies, N.N. Rabalais, B. Henrissat, and O.U. Mason

Climate Process Team on Internal Wave–Driven Ocean Mixing, David Trossman

The role of rough topography in mediating impacts of bottom drag in eddying ocean circulation models, D.S. Trossman, B.K. Arbic, D.N. Straub, J.G. Richman, E.P. Chassignet, A.J. Wallcraft, and X. Xu


Just Us, R. Eugene Turner


Smaller Size-At-Age Menhaden With Coastal Warming And Fishing Intensity, R. Eugene Turner


The Mineral Sediment Loading Of The Modern Mississippi River Delta: What Is The Restoration Baseline?, R. Eugene Turner


Trends In Summer Bottom-Water Temperatures On The Northern Gulf Of Mexico Continental Shelf From 1985 To 2015, R. Eugene Turner, N N. Rabalais, and D Justic

River-sea transitions of sediment dynamics: A case study of the tide-impacted Yangtze River estuary, H. F. Yang, S. L. Yang, and K. H. Xu

Erosion potential of the Yangtze Delta under sediment starvation and climate change, H. F. Yang, S. L. Yang, K. H. Xu, H. Wu, B. W. Shi, Q. Zhu, W. X. Zhang, and Z. Yang

Hard real-time closed-loop electrophysiology with the Real-Time eXperiment Interface (RTXI)., Patel YA, George A, Dorval AD, White JA, Christini DJ, and Butera RJ

Submissions from 2016

Repeated low-dose kainate administration in C57BL/6J mice produces temporal lobe epilepsy pathology but infrequent spontaneous seizures., Umpierre AD, Bennett IV, Nebeker LD, Newell TG, Tian BB, Thomson KE, White HS, White JA, and Wilcox KS

Goniometrie evaluation of standing extension and maximum flexion joint angles of llamas and alpacas., Walters AL, Semevolos SA, and Baker RE


Influence Of The Mississippi River On Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Abundance And Toxicity In Louisiana Coastal Waters, Sibel Bargu, Melissa M. Baustian, Nancy N. Rabalais, Ross Del Rio, Benjamin Von Korff, and R. Eugene Turner


Incorporation Of Deepwater Horizon Oil In A Terrestrial Bird, A Bonisoli-Alquati, P C. Stouffer, R. Eugene Turner, S Woltmann, and A Bonisoli-Alquati

Changing Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, E.J. D'Sa, E.B. Overton, S.E. Lohrenz, K. Maiti, R.E. Turner, and A. Freeman

Gain Modulation of Cholinergic Neurons in the Medial Septum-Diagonal Band of Broca Through Hyperpolarization., Melonakos ED, White JA, and Fernandez FR

Impact of Hurricane Sandy on salt marshes of New jersey, Tracy Elsey-Quirk

Coupled oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in coastal ocean and its use as a potential indicator for detecting water column oil degradation, X. Hu, W.-J. Cai, N.N. Rabalais, and J. Xue

Effect of topically applied Saccharomyces boulardii on the healing of acute porcine wounds: a preliminary study., Partlow J, Blikslager A, Matthews C, M, Daniels J, Baker R, and Labens R


Morphology, Molecular Phylogeny And Azaspiracid Profile Of Azadinium Poporum (Dinophyceae) From The Gulf Of Mexico, Zhaohe Luo, Bernd Krock, Kenneth Neil Mertens, Andrea Michelle Price, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, and Haifeng Gu

Export fluxes in northern Gulf of Mexico - Comparative evaluation of direct, indirect and satellite-based estimates, K. Maiti, S. Bosu, E.J. D'Sa, P.L. Adhikari, M. Sutor, and K. Longnecker

Research advances of Dicer in regulating reproductive function, F. Mei, X. Kehui, and X. Wenming

Preface: Remote sensing of water resources, D.R. Mishra, E.J. D'Sa, and S. Mishra

Variability of the directly observed, middepth subpolar North Atlantic circulation, J.B. Palter, C.-A. Caron, K.L. Law, J.K. Willis, D.S. Trossman, I.M. Yashayaev, and D. Gilbert


Effects Of The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill On Coastal Marshes And Associated Organisms, N N. Rabalais and R. Eugene Turner

Drought indices as drought predictors in the south-central USA, Robert Rohli

Global distribution of Köppen–Geiger climate types during the Last Glacial Maximum, Mid-Holocene, and present, Robert Rohli

Recent Trends in Geography Education in Louisiana, Robert Rohli

The Legacy of Jedidiah Morse in Early American Geography Education: Forgotten and/or Forgettable Geographer?, Robert Rohli

Using Proxy Records to Document Gulf of Mexico Tropical Cyclones from 1820-1915, Robert Rohli

Impact of tidal currents on delta-channel deepening, stratigraphic architecture, and sediment bypass beyond the shoreline, Valentina Marzia Rossi, Wonsuck Kim, Julio Leva López, Douglas Edmonds, Nathanael Geleynse, Cornel Olariu, Ronald J. Steel, Matthew Hiatt, and Paola Passalacqua

Impact of topographic internal lee wave drag on an eddying global ocean model, D.S. Trossman, B.K. Arbic, J.G. Richman, S.T. Garner, S.R. Jayne, and A.J. Wallcraft

Large-scale ocean circulation-cloud interactions reduce the pace of transient climate change, D.S. Trossman, J.B. Palter, T.M. Merlis, Y. Huang, and Y. Xia


The Effects Of N, P And Crude Oil On The Decomposition Of Spartina Alterniflora Belowground Biomass, R. Eugene Turner and J E. Bodker


Islands In The Oil: Quantifying Salt Marsh Shoreline Erosion After The Deepwater Horizon Oiling, R. Eugene Turner, G McClenachan, and A W. Tweel


The Changshu Declaration On Wetlands, R. Eugene Turner, Jos T. A. Verhoeven, Ania Grobicki, Jenny Davis, and Shuqing AN

Stability of organic carbon accumulating in Spartina alterniflora-dominated salt marshes of the Mid-Atlantic U.S., Viktoria Unger, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Christopher Sommerfield, and David Velinsky

The impact of drying on structure of sedimentary organic matter in wetlands: Probing with native and amended polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Zucheng Wang, Zhanfei Liu, Min Liu, Kehui Xu, and Lawrence M. Mayer


Size-Dependent Top-Down Control On Phytoplankton Growth By Microzooplankton In Eutrophic Lakes, Wai Hing Wong, Nancy N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Shelf sediment transport during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Kehui Xu, Rangley C. Mickey, Qin Chen, Courtney K. Harris, Robert D. Hetland, Kelin Hu, and Jiaze Wang

Submissions from 2015


Nutrient-Enhanced Decomposition Of Plant Biomass In A Freshwater Wetland, J E. Bodker, R. Eugene Turner, A Tweel, C Schulz, and J E. Bodker

Influence of Physical Manipulations on Short-Term Salt Marsh Morphodynamics: Examples from the North and Mid-Atlantic Coast, USA, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Susan C. Adamowicz

Patterns of seed bank and vegetation diversity along a tidal freshwater river, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Mary Allessio Leck

Identifying environmental controls on the shoreline of a natural river delta, N. Geleynse, M. Hiatt, H. Sangireddy, and P. Passalacqua

Archaeal enrichment in the hypoxic zone in the northern Gulf of Mexico, L.E. Gillies, J.C. Thrash, S. deRada, N.N. Rabalais, and O.U. Mason

Cyst-motile stage relationship, morphology, ultrastructure, and molecular phylogeny of the gymnodinioid dinoflagellate Barrufeta resplendens comb. nov., formerly known as Gyrodinium resplendens, isolated from the Gulf of Mexico, H. Gu, Z. Luo, K.N. Mertens, A.M. Price, R.E. Turner, and N.N. Rabalais

Hydrological connectivity in river deltas: The first-order importance of channel-island exchange, Matthew Hiatt and Paola Passalacqua

Seasonal variation of colored dissolved organic matter in barataria bay, Louisiana, using combined landsat and field data, I. Joshi and E.J. D'Sa