Books from 2023

Curriculum Histories in Place, in Person, in Practice: The Louisiana State University Curriculum Theory Project, Petra Munro Hendry

Books from 2022

Career and College Readiness Counseling in P-12 schools, Jennifer R. Curry


Research-Based Strategies to Improve Math Instruction for Teachers and Outcomes for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Paul Mooney and Joseph B. Ryan

Productivity and Publishing: Writing Processes for New Scholars and Researchers, Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell, Leah Katherine Saal, and Cynthia F. DiCarlo

The Impact of Technology on Students’ Writing Performances in Elementary Classrooms: A Meta-Analysis, Xue Wen and Shauna M. Walters

Submissions from 2021

mLearning Versus Paper and Pencil Practice for Telling Time: Impact for Attention and Accuracy, Cynthia F. DiCarlo, Aaron R. Deris, and Thomas P. Deris

An Ecobehavioral Analysis of Social Behavior Across Learning Contexts in Kindergarten, Cynthia F. DiCarlo, Carrie Ota, and Aaron Deris

The impact of Responsive Partnership Strategies on the satisfaction of co-teaching relationships in early childhood classrooms, Cynthia DiCarlo, Caroline Hulin, Ashley Bourque Meaux, and Michelle Grantham-Caston

Submissions from 2020

Exploring Mindfulness for Perceived Teacher Stress and Classroom Climate, Cynthia F. DiCarlo, Ashley B. Meaux, and Erin H. LaBiche




First Person: The Pandemic'S Silver Lining: Real Talk For Future Teachers, J Hipp

Advancing Educational Research with Emerging Technology, Eugene Kennedy

Teaching, Learning, and Leading with Computer Simulations, Yufeng Qian

Data Visualization in Online Educational Research, Xue Wen and Xuan Wang

Books from 2019

Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education, Yufeng Qian

Broadening Participation in STEM: Effective Methods, Practices, and Programs, Zayika S. Wilson-Kennedy and Eugene Kennedy

Books from 2018

Controversies on Campus : Debating the Issues Confronting American Universities in the 21st Century, Joy L. Blanchard

#BRokenPromises, Black Deaths, & Blue Ribbons : Understanding, Complicating, and Transcending Police-Community Violence, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Troubling Method: Narrative Research as Being, Petra Munro Hendry and Roland W. Mitchell

Books from 2017

Global Perspectives on Educational Testing: Examining Fairness, High-Stakes and Policy Reform, Keena Arbuthnot


A Multiple Case Narrative Examining the Experiences of Alumni of a Minority Research and Training Program, Gretchen Burton

Career and College Readiness Counseling in P-12 Schools, Jennifer R. Curry

Expanding Elementary Teacher Education Through Service-Learning: A Handbook on Extending Literacy Field Experience for Twenty-First-Century Urban Teacher Preparation, Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell

Understanding, Dismantling, and Disrupting the Prison-to-School Pipeline, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus: Challenging Traditional Approaches Through Program Innovation, Sara Carrigan Wooten

Books from 2016

Reel Education: Documentaries, Biopics, and Reality Television, Jacqueline Bach

Reading and Writing in Preschool: Teaching the Essentials, Renee M. Casbergue

The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence: Critical Perspectives on Prevention and Response, Sara Carrigan Wooten

Books from 2015

African American Students' Career and College Readiness: The Journey Unraveled, Jennifer R. Curry

The Assault on Communities of Color: Exploring the Realities of Race-Based Violence, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study Skills, and Motivation, Saundra Yancy McGuire

Books from 2014

Adolescent Girls in Distress: A Guide for Mental Health Treatment and Prevention, Laura Hensley Choate

Trayvon Martin, Race, and American Justice: Writing Wrong, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Peace and Pedagogy Primer, Molly Quinn

Books from 2013

Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Counselor's Guide to Prevention and Treatment, Laura H. Choate

Integrating Play Techniques in Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Jennifer R. Curry

The Best American Short Plays 2011-2012, William W. Demastes

Student Teaching: A Journey in Narratives, Kenneth James Fasching-Varner

Books from 2012

Pragmatism, Postmodernism, and Complexity Theory: The "Fascinating Imaginative Realm" of William E. Doll, William E. Doll

Working Through Whiteness: Examining White Racial Identity and Profession with Pre-Service Teachers, Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner

Books from 2011

Filling in the Blanks: Standardized Testing and the Black-White Achievement Gap, Keena Arbuthnot

Engendering Curriculum History, Petra Munro Hendry

Books from 2010

Activities for Elementary School Social Studies, James W. Stockard

Books from 2008

Girls' and Women's Wellness: Contemporary Counseling Issues and Interventions, Laura Hensley Choate

Levinas and Education: At the Intersection of Faith and Reason, Denise Egéa-Keuhne

A Delicate Dance: Autoethnography, Curriculum, and the Semblance of Intimacy, Laura M. Jewett

Books from 2006

Using Computers in Educationals and Psychological Research: Using Information Technologies to Support the Research Process, Jerry W. Willis

Books from 2005

Scientific and Religious Habits of Mind: Irreconcilable Tensions in the Curriculum, Ron Good

Curriculum in a New Key: The Collected Works of Ted T. Aoki, William F. Pinar