Submissions from 2009

Evaluating highly resolved paleoclimate records in the frequency domain for multidecadal-scale climate variability, Kristine L. DeLong, Terrence M. Quinn, Gary T. Mitchum, and Richard Z. Poore

Mapping digital divide in neighborhoods: Wi-Fi access in baton rouge, Louisiana, L. Driskell and F. Wang

The spatial restructuring of population in metropolitan Beijing: Toward polycentricity in the post-reform era, J. Feng, F. Wang, and Y. Zhou

Rural reversal? Rural-urban disparities in late-stage cancer risk in Illinois, S. McLafferty and F. Wang

Street centrality and densities of retail and services in Bologna, Italy, S. Porta, E. Strano, V. Iacoviello, R. Messora, V. Latora, A. Cardillo, F. Wang, and S. Scellato

Holocene Core Logs and Site Statistics for Modern Patch-Reef Cores: Biscayne National Park, Florida, Christopher D. Reich, T. Don Hickey, Kristine L. DeLong, Richard Z. Poore, and John C. Brock


The role of black Barbudans in the establishment of open-range cattle herding in the colonial Caribbean and South Carolina, Andrew Sluyter

Factor Analysis and Principal-Components Analysis, F. Wang

Spatiotemporal evolution of China's railway network in the 20th century: An accessibility approach, J. Wang, F. Jin, H. Mo, and F. Wang

Submissions from 2008

A scale-space clustering method: Mitigating the effect of scale in the analysis of zone-based dat, L. Mu and F. Wang

The significance of geochemical proxies in corals, does size (age) matter?, Timothée Ourbak, Kristine L. DeLong, Thierry Corrège, B. Malaizé, Kelly Hali Kilbourne, S. Caquineau, and David J. Hollander


(Post-) K New Orleans and the Hispanic Atlantic: Geographic method and meaning, Andrew Sluyter

An efficient algorithm for raster-to-vector data conversion, J. Teng, F. Wang, and Y. Liu

Localized income inequality, concentrated disadvantage and homicide, F. Wang and M.T. Arnold

Late-stage breast cancer diagnosis and health care access in Illinois, F. Wang, S. McLafferty, V. Escamilla, and L. Luo

Submissions from 2007

Reconstructing twentieth-century sea surface temperature variability in the southwest Pacific: A replication study using multiple coral Sr/Ca records from New Caledonia, Kristine L. DeLong, Terrence M. Quinn, and Frederick W. Taylor

Intellectual relations between Historical Geography and Latin Americanist Geography, A. Sluyter and K. Mathewson


Landscapes of Power and Identity: Comparative Histories in the Sonoran Desert and the Forests of Amazonia from Colony to Republic, Andrew Sluyter


Intellectual Relations between Historical Geography and Latin Americanist Geography, Andrew Sluyter and Kent Mathewson

Submissions from 2006

Humboldt in the Americas, K. Mathewson and A. Sluyter

The Ancient Maya, Heather McKillop

Humboldt's Mexican texts and landscapes, A. Sluyter

The recent intellectual structure of geography, A. Sluyter, A.D. Augustine, M.C. Bitton, T.J. Sullivan, and F. Wang


Humboldt's Mexican Texts and Landscapes, Andrew Sluyter


Traveling/writing the unworld with Alexander von Humboldt., Andrew Sluyter


The recent intellectual structure of geography, Andrew Sluyter, Andrew D. Augustine, Michael C. Bitton, Thomas J. Sullivan, and Fei Wang


Early maize (Zea mays L.) cultivation in Mexico: Dating sedimentary pollen records and its implications, Andrew Sluyter and Gabriela Dominguez


Humboldt in the Americas, Andrew Sluyter and Kent Mathewson

GIS-based spatial analysis of tai place names in Southern China: An exploratory study of methodology, F. Wang, J. Hartmann, W. Luo, and P. Huang

Submissions from 2005

Anniversary forum: What's next for environmental history?, M BESS, T GILES-VERNICK, A GUGLIOTTA, and et al.


Informe técnico de los trabajos de campo del Proyecto Arqueológico Huambacho-Temporada 2004, David Chicoine and Jeisen Navarro

The structure of social space in beijing in 1998: A socialist city in transition, C. Gu, F. Wang, and G. Liu

Finds in Belize document Late Classic Maya salt making and canoe transport, Heather McKillop

In Search of Maya Sea Traders, Heather McKillop

Blaut's early natural/social theorization, cultural ecology, and political ecology, A. Sluyter

Recentism in environmental history on Latin America, A. Sluyter


Blaut's Early Natural/Social Theorization, Cultural Ecology, and Political Ecology, Andrew Sluyter


Is Geography Destiny?: Lessons from Latin America. and Troubled Harvest: Agronomy and Revolution in Mexico, 1880–2002, Andrew Sluyter


Recentism in environmental history on Latin America, Andrew Sluyter

Job access and homicide patterns in Chicago: An analysis at multiple geographic levels based on scale-space theory, F. Wang

GIS-based method for delineating urban hinterlands in northeast China, F. Wang, F. Jin, and C. Gu

Assessing spatial and nonspatial factors for healthcare access: Towards an integrated approach to defining health professional shortage areas, F. Wang and W. Luo

Submissions from 2004


Informe técnico de los trabajos de campo del Proyecto Arqueológico Huambacho-Temporada 2003, David Chicoine and Victor Pimentel

Geographic patterns of air passenger transport in china 1980–1998: Imprints of economic growth, regional inequality, and network development, F. Jin, F. Wang, and Y. Liu

Temporal changes of access to primary health care in Illinois (1990-2000) and policy implications, W. Luo, F. Wang, and C. Douglass

Ancient Maya Environment, Settlement, and Diet, Heather McKillop

The Classic Maya Trading Port of Moho Cay, Heather McKillop


Digital Facsimiles of the Paper Issues of the Cultural Ecology Newsletter, Andrew Sluyter


Los orígenes ecológicos y las consecuencias de la ganadería en la Nueva España durante el siglo XVI, Andrew Sluyter


Review of Geography Militant: Cultures of Exploration and Empire, by Felix Driver, Andrew Sluyter


Special Issue: Native Food Production Knowledge Systems and Practices: Alternative Values and Outcomes-From the guest editors, Andrew Sluyter and Alfred H. Siemens

From the guest editors, A. Sluyter and A.H. Siemens

Spatial clusters of cancers in Illinois 1986-2000, F. Wang

Submissions from 2003

Study on urban social areas in Beijing, C. Gu, F. Wang, and G. Liu

Measures of spatial accessibility to health care in a GIS environment: Synthesis and a case study in the Chicago region, W. Luo and F. Wang

Neo-environmental determinism, intellectual damage control, and nature/society science, A. Sluyter


Material-conceptual landscape transformation and the emergence of the pristine myth in early colonial Mexico, Andrew Sluyter


Neo-Environmental Determinism, Intellectual Damage Control, and Nature/Society Science, Andrew Sluyter


William E. Doolittle: Mediator between the World of Work and the World of Books, Andrew Sluyter

Job proximity and accessibility for workers of various wage groups, F. Wang

Submissions from 2002

Feeding a growing population on an increasingly fragile environment, W.E. Doolittle, A. Sluyter, E.P. Perramond, P.L. Crossley, and D.P. Lambert

Salt: White Gold of the Ancient Maya, Heather McKillop

Colonialism and landscape: Postcolonial theory and applications, Andrew Sluyter

The Donut Discipline, Or Scientific Geography and the Modern Nature-Society and West-Rests Dichotomies, Andrew Sluyter


Feeding a growing population on an increasingly fragile environment, Andrew Sluyter, William E. Doolittle, Eric P. Perramond, Phil L. Crossley, and Dean P. Lambert

The geography of the wages: Chinese cities 1989 and 1997, F. Wang

Where the jobs are: Employment access and crime patterns in Cleveland, F. Wang and W.W. Minor

Submissions from 2001

Colonialism and landscape in the Americas: Material/conceptual transformations and continuing consequences, A. Sluyter


Colonialism and Landscape in the Americas: Material/Conceptual Transformations and Continuing Consequences, Andrew Sluyter


Ganadería española y cambio ambiental en las tierras bajas tropicales de Veracruz, México, siglo XVI, Andrew Sluyter


Imperfect balance: Landscape transformations in the Precolumbian Americas, Andrew Sluyter


Physical Geography and Climate: Overview, Andrew Sluyter and Tereza Cavazos

Explaining intraurban variations of commuting by job proximity and workers' characteristics, F. Wang

Regional density functions and growth patterns in major plains of China, 1982-1990, F. Wang

Submissions from 2000

Determining the Geological Provenance of Obsidian Artifacts from the Maya Region, Heather McKillop

Modeling Commuting Patterns in Chicago in a GIS Environment: A Job Accessibility Perspective, F. Wang

Submissions from 1999

Optimizing the natural gas supply mix of local distribution utilities, J.-M. Guldmann and F. Wang

The making of the myth in postcolonial development: Material-conceptual landscape transformation in sixteenth-century veracruz, A. Sluyter


Review of Sacred Ecology: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Resource Management, by Fikret Berkes, Andrew Sluyter


The making of the myth in postcolonial development: material-conceptual landscape transformation in sixteenth-century Veracruz, Andrew Sluyter

Modeling a central place system with interurban transport costs and complex rural hinterlands, F. Wang

Analyzing urban population change patterns in shenyang, china 1982–90: Density function and spatial association approaches, F. Wang and Y. Meng

Modelling urban population densities in Beijing 1982-90: Suburbanisation and its causes, F. Wang and Y. Zhou

Submissions from 1998

The Evolving Landscape: Homer Aschmann's Geography., Homer Aschmann, Andrew Sluyter, and Martin J. Pasqualetti

Population and employment density functions revisited: A spatial interaction approach, J.-M. Guldmann and F. Wang

From archive to map to pastoral landscape: A spatial perspective on the livestock ecology of sixteenth-century New Spain, A. Sluyter


A Favored Place: San Juan River Wetlands, Central Veracruz, AD 500 to the Present. By Alfred H. Siemens, Andrew Sluyter


From archive to map to pastoral landscape: A spatial perspective on the livestock ecology of sixteenth-century New Spain, Andrew Sluyter


The evolving landscape: Homer Aschmann's geography, Andrew Sluyter

Urban population distribution with various road networks: A simulation approach, F. Wang

Citizen participation in the North Delta Mississippi Community Development Block Grants, Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, F. Wang and J.A. Van Loo

Submissions from 1997

Analysis of maize (zea mays subsp mays) pollen: Normalizing the effects of microscope‐slide mounting media on diameter determinations, A. Sluyter

Regional, holocene records of the human dimension of global change: Sea-level and land-use change in prehistoric Mexico, A. Sluyter


Analysis of maize (Zea mays subsp. mays) pollen: Normalizing the effects of microscope?slide mounting media on diameter determinations, Andrew Sluyter


Landscape change and livestock in sixteenth-century New Spain: the archival data base, Andrew Sluyter


On “Buried Epistemologies: The Politics of Nature in (Post) colonial British Columbia”: On Excavating and Burying Epistemologies, Andrew Sluyter


Regional, Holocene Records of the Human Dimension of Global Change: Sea-Level and Land-Use Change in Prehistoric Mexico, Andrew Sluyter


Assessing Native American disturbances in mixed oak forests of the Allegheny Plateau, Andrew Sluyter, Charles M. Ruffner, Marc D. Abrams, Charlie Crothers, Jack Mclaughlin, and Richard Kandare

A spatial equilibrium model for region size, urbanization ratio, and rural structure, F. Wang and J.-M. Guldmann

Submissions from 1996

Ancient Maya Trading Ports and the Integration of Long-Distance and Regional Economies: Wild Cane Cay in South-Coastal Belize, Heather McKillop