Submissions from 2021

An impedimetric sensing probe based on printed circuit board technology for monitoring in cryobiology applications, Hamed Shamkhalichenar, Terrence R. Tiersch, and Jin Woo Choi

Constant-Time Complete Visibility for Robots with Lights: The Asynchronous Case, Gokarna Sharma, Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, and Jerry L. Trahan

Review-recent progress in portable fluorescence sensors, Young Ho Shin, M. Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, and Jin Woo Choi

Online Detection and Parameter Estimation with Correlated Observations, Sima Sobhiyeh and Mort Naraghi-Pour

GPU-Assisted Memory Expansion, Pisacha Srinuan, Purushottam Sigdel, Xu Yuan, Lu Peng, Paul Darby, Christopher Aucoin, and Nian Feng Tzeng

A Robust Control Approach to Event-Triggered Networked Control Systems with Time-Varying Delays, Xinmiao Sun and Xiangyu Meng

KT-GAN: Knowledge-Transfer Generative Adversarial Network for Text-to-Image Synthesis, Hongchen Tan, Xiuping Liu, Meng Liu, Baocai Yin, and Xin Li

A study on the radiated susceptibility of printed circuit boards and the effects of via fencing, Ryan P. Tortorich, William Morell, Elizabeth Reiner, William Bouillon, and Jin Woo Choi

The seven key challenges for life-critical shared decision making systems, Evangelos Triantaphyllou and Juri Yanase

Treatment selection for life-critical shared decision making under ranges of health-state utility scenarios, Evangelos Triantaphyllou and Juri Yanase

Data-Driven Nonparametric Joint Chance Constraints for Economic Dispatch with Renewable Generation, Chutian Wu, Amin Kargarian, and Hyun Woo Jeon

3D Multi-Object Tracking in Point Clouds Based on Prediction Confidence-Guided Data Association, Hai Wu, Wenkai Han, Chenglu Wen, Xin Li, and Cheng Wang

Tracklet Proposal Network for Multi-Object Tracking on Point Clouds, Hai Wu, Qing Li, Chenglu Wen, Xin Li, Xiaoliang Fan, and Cheng Wang

Optimal stationary state estimation over multiple Markovian packet drop channels, Jiapeng Xu, Guoxiang Gu, Vijay Gupta, and Yang Tang

A new action recognition framework for video highlights summarization in sporting events, Cheng Yan, Xin Li, and Guoqiang Li

Deep regression for LiDAR-based localization in dense urban areas, Shangshu Yu, Cheng Wang, Zenglei Yu, Xin Li, Ming Cheng, and Yu Zang

Finite Blocklength Analysis of Gaussian Random Coding in AWGN Channels under Covert Constraint, Xinchun Yu, Shuangqing Wei, and Yuan Luo

State Consensus for Discrete-Time Multiagent Systems over Time-Varying Graphs, Ji Lie Zhang, Xiang Chen, and Guoxiang Gu

Distributed edge-based event-triggered coordination control for multi-agent systems, Hongbo Zhao, Xiangyu Meng, and Sentang Wu

Robust Recognition of Indoor Educational Activity Based on Wi-Fi Signals with SSGAN, Jian Zhao, Xin Li, Liang Huang, Shangwu Chong, and Jian Jia

A Hardware-adaptive Deep Feature Matching Pipeline for Real-time 3D Reconstruction, Shuai Zheng, Yabin Wang, Baotong Li, and Xin Li

Submissions from 2020

Controllable p-n junctions in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 nanowires, Janice Ruth Bayogan, Kidong Park, Zhuo Bin Siu, Sung Jin An, Chiu Chun Tang, Xiao Xiao Zhang, Man Suk Song, Jeunghee Park, Mansoor B.A. Jalil, Naoto Nagaosa, et al.

Hooktracer: Automatic Detection and Analysis of Keystroke Loggers Using Memory Forensics, Andrew Case, Ryan Maggio, Firoz-Ul-Amin, Mohammad Jalalzai, Aisha Ali-Gombe, Mingxuan Sun, and Golden G. Richard III

Memory Analysis of macOS Page Queues, Andrew Case, Ryan Maggio, Modhu Manna, and Golden G. Richard III

Low Complexity Dual-Vector Model Predictive Current Control for Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives, Junshuo Chen, Yi Qin, Amir Masoud Bozorgi, and Mehdi Farasat

A Secure and Efficient Parallel-Dependency RFID Grouping-Proof Protocol, Vanya Cherneva and Jerry L. Trahan

Serial-Dependency Grouping-Proof Protocol for RFID EPC Gen2 Tags, Vanya Cherneva and Jerry L. Trahan

Editorial for the special issue on printable and flexible electronics for sensors, Jin Woo Choi and Edward Song

A machine learning algorithm to improve building performance modeling during design, Chanachok Chokwitthaya, Yimin Zhu, Robert Dibiano, and Supratik Mukhopadhyay

Data-Driven Nonparametric Chance-Constrained Optimization for Microgrid Energy Management, Okan Ciftci, Mahdi Mehrtash, and Amin Kargarian

Currents' Physical Components (CPC)-based power theory a review Part II: Filters and reactive, switching and hybrid compensators, Leszek S. Czarnecki

Do energy oscillations degrade the energy transfer in electrical systems?, Leszek S. Czarnecki

Adaptive balancing of three-phase loads at four-wire supply with reactive compensators and nonsinusoidal voltage, Leszek S. Czarnecki and Motab Almousa

What is wrong with the paper”the ieee standard 1459, the CPC power theory and geometric algebra in circuits with nonsinusoidal sources and linear loads”?, Leszek S. Czarnecki and Motab Almousa

A Study on Direct Reduction of Harmonics of Ultra High Power AC Arc Furnaces in Uneasy Mode of Operation, Leszek S. Czarnecki and Venkata Gadiraju

Sensitivity analysis of renewable energy integration on stochastic energy management of automated reconfigurable hybrid AC-DC microgrid considering DLR security constraint, Morteza Dabbaghjamanesh, Abdollah Kavousi-Fard, Shahab Mehraeen, Jie Zhang, and Zhao Yang Dong

A Novel Two-Stage Multi-Layer Constrained Spectral Clustering Strategy for Intentional Islanding of Power Grids, Morteza Dabbaghjamanesh, Boyu Wang, Abdollah Kavousi-Fard, Shahab Mehraeen, Nikos D. Hatziargyriou, Dimitris N. Trakas, and Farzad Ferdowsi

Low-cost and customizable inkjet printing for microelectrodes fabrication, Tallis H. da Costa and Jin Woo Choi

A magma ocean origin to divergent redox evolutions of rocky planetary bodies and early atmospheres, Jie Deng, Zhixue Du, Bijaya B. Karki, Dipta B. Ghosh, Kanani K. Lee, Maria Ximena Rodriguez, Orna Mukhopadhyay, David Burk, Joseph Francis, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, et al.

Computational feasibility of simulating changes in blood flow through whole-organ vascular networks from radiation injury, William P. Donahue, Wayne D. Newhauser, Xin Li, Feng Chen, and Joyoni Dey

Analytical Approach to Calculate Inductor Current Ripple Cancellation in Two-Phase Interleaved Single-phase Inverter, Saleh Farzamkia, Arash Khoshkbar-Sadigh, Juan R.Nunez Forestieri, Mehdi Farasat, and Vahid Dargahi

IEEE access special section: Analysis and synthesis of time-delay system, Zhiguang Feng, Zhengguang Wu, Baoyong Zhang, Kun Liu, Myeongjin Park, Le Van Hien, Xiangyu Meng, and Christophe Fiter

Assessing distribution network sensitivity to voltage rise and flicker under high penetration of behind-the-meter solar, Farzad Ferdowsi, Shahab Mehraeen, and Gregory B. Upton

Energy flow control and sizing of a hybrid battery/supercapacitor storage in MVDC shipboard power systems, Juan Nunez Forestieri and Mehdi Farasat

A Discriminative Multi-Channel Facial Shape (MCFS) Representation and Feature Extraction for 3D Human Faces, Xun Gong, Xin Li, Tianrui Li, and Yongqing Liang

Point2node: Correlation learning of dynamic-node for point cloud feature modeling, Wenkai Han, Chenglu Wen, Cheng Wang, Xin Li, and Qing Li

Combined learning and analytical model based early warning algorithm for real-time congestion management, Fouad Hasan and Amin Kargarian

A survey on applications of machine learning for optimal power flow, Fouad Hasan, Amin Kargarian, and Ali Mohammadi

Latent Factor Analysis of Gaussian Distributions under Graphical Constraints, Md Mahmudul Hasan, Shuangqing Wei, and Ali Moharrer

Stabilizing Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning by Implicitly Estimating Other Agents' Behaviors, Yue Jin, Shuangqing Wei, Jian Yuan, Xudong Zhang, and Chao Wang


Secure High DER Penetration Power Distribution via Autonomously Coordinated Volt/VAR Control, Anto Joseph, Keyue Smedley, and Shahab Mehraeen

Fast GPU Graph Contraction by Combining Efficient Shallow Searches and Post-Culling, Roozbeh Karimi, David M. Koppelman, and Chris J. Michael

Work in Progress: NSF IRES - Interdisciplinary Research in Korea on Applied Smart Systems (IRiKA) for undergraduate students, Gloria J. Kim, Yong Kyu Yoon, and Jin Woo Choi

DDGCN: A Dynamic Directed Graph Convolutional Network for Action Recognition, Matthew Korban and Xin Li

WaterNet: An adaptive matching pipeline for segmenting water with volatile appearance, Yongqing Liang, Navid Jafari, Xing Luo, Qin Chen, Yanpeng Cao, and Xin Li

Reassembling Shredded Document Stripes Using Word-Path Metric and Greedy Composition Optimal Matching Solver, Yongqing Liang and Xin Li

Video object segmentation with adaptive feature bank and uncertain-region refinement, Yongqing Liang, Xin Li, Navid Jafari, and Qin Chen

Optimizing heat-absorption efficiency of phase change materials by mimicking leaf vein morphology, Honglei Liu, Baotong Li, Lukuan Zhang, and Xin Li

Computational Feasibility of Simulating Changes in Blood Flow through Whole-Organ Vascular Networks from Radiation Injury, Xin Li

SPM 2020 Editorial, Xin Li, Michael Barton, and Saigopal Nelaturi

Raman spectroscopic characterization of acid refluxed and surfactant-assisted dispersed multiwalled carbon nanotubes on surface functionalized substrates, Subhodip Maulik, Anirban Sarkar, Srismrita Basu, and Theda Daniels-Race

Risk-based dynamic generation and transmission expansion planning with propagating effects of contingencies, Mahdi Mehrtash and Amin Kargarian

Graph-Based Second-Order Cone Programming Model for Resilient Feeder Routing Using GIS Data, Mahdi Mehrtash, Amin Kargarian, and Antonio J. Conejo

Security-constrained transmission expansion planning using linear sensitivity factors, Mahdi Mehrtash, Amin Kargarian, and Mohsen Rahmani

Trajectory Optimization of Autonomous Agents with Spatio-Temporal Constraints, Xiangyu Meng and Christos G. Cassandras

Comparison of Centralized and Decentralized Approaches in Cooperative Coverage Problems with Energy-Constrained Agents, Xiangyu Meng, Xinmiao Sun, Christos G. Cassandras, and Kaiyuan Xu

Strengthening spatial reasoning: elucidating the attentional and neural mechanisms associated with mental rotation skill development, Katherine C. Moen, Melissa R. Beck, Stephanie M. Saltzmann, Tovah M. Cowan, Lauryn M. Burleigh, Leslie G. Butler, Jagannathan Ramanujam, Alex S. Cohen, and Steven G. Greening

Accelerated and Robust Analytical Target Cascading for Distributed Optimal Power Flow, Ali Mohammadi and Amin Kargarian

Learning-based Adaptive Quantization for Communication-efficient Distributed Optimization with ADMM, Truong X. Nghiem, Aldo Duarte, and Shuangqing Wei

Integrative sizing/real-Time energy management of a hybrid supercapacitor/undersea energy storage system for grid integration of wave energy conversion systems, Juan Nunez Forestieri and Mehdi Farasat


Developing an Open-Source Lightweight Game Engine with DNN Support, Haechan Park and Nakhoon Baek

Review - Electronic Circuit Systems for Piezoelectric Resonance Sensors, Jong Yoon Park and Jin Woo Choi

Phase Controlled Growth of Cd3As2Nanowires and Their Negative Photoconductivity, Kidong Park, Minkyung Jung, Doyeon Kim, Janice Ruth Bayogan, Jong Hyun Lee, Sung Jin An, Jungpil Seo, Jaemin Seo, Jae Pyoung Ahn, and Jeunghee Park

Gaslight Revisited: Efficient and Powerful Fuzzing of Digital Forensics Tools, Shravya Paruchuri, Andrew Case, and Golden. G. Richard III

Multitarget Joint Delay and Doppler-Shift Estimation in Bistatic Passive Radar, Mohammed Rashid and Mort Naraghi-Pour

A New Approach for Hybrid ac-dc Circuit Fault Analysis, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani and Shahab Mehraeen

Interaction of the substation load tap changer with the high penetration of distributed energy resources, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani, Shahab Mehraeen, Jayanth Ramamurthy, and Thomas Field

AmpleDroid Recovering Large Object Files from Android Application Memory, Golden Richard

App-Agnostic Post-Execution Semantic Analysis of Android In-Memory Forensics Artifacts, Golden Richard

A thermoelectric temperature control module for a portable fluorescent sensing platform, Brianna I. Robertson, Young Ho Shin, and Jin Woo Choi

A Semi-centralized Security Framework for In-Vehicle Networks, Ivan Edmar Carvajal Roca, Jian Wang, Jun Du, and Shuangqing Wei

Temporal Decomposition-Based Stochastic Economic Dispatch for Smart Grid Energy Management, Farnaz Safdarian, Amin Kargarian, and Amin Kargarian

Temporal Decomposition for Security-Constrained Unit Commitment, Farnaz Safdarian, Ali Mohammadi, and Amin Kargarian

Partitioning analysis in temporal decomposition for security-constrained economic dispatch, Farnaz Safdarian, Ali Mohammadi, Amin Kargarian, and Bamdad Falahati

Palatal implant system can provide effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea by recovering retropalatal patency, Jungmin Seo, Seunghyeon Yun, Shinyong Shim, Sung Woo Cho, Jin Woo Choi, Jeong Whun Kim, and Sung June Kim

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Technology for Electrochemical Sensors and Sensing Platforms, Hamed Shamkhalichenar, Collin J. Bueche, and Jin Woo Choi

Review - Non-Enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Electrochemical Sensors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide, Hamed Shamkhalichenar and Jin Woo Choi

BionoiNet: ligand-binding site classification with off-the-shelf deep neural network, Wentao Shi, Jeffrey M. Lemoine, Abd-El-Monsif A. Shawky, Manali Singha, Limeng Pu, Shuangyan Yang, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Advanced Technologies for Next Generation Integrated Circuits, Ashok Srivastava

Performance Analysis of Incremental Relaying in Multi-Hop Relay Networks, Hui Sun, Mort Naraghi-Pour, Weixing Sheng, and Yubing Han


A Hop-by-Hop Relay Selection Strategy in Multi-Hop Cognitive Relay Networks, Hui Sun, Mort NARAGHI-POUR, WEIXING SHENG, and RENLI ZHANG

How to identify and treat data inconsistencies when eliciting health-state utility values for patient-centered decision making, Evangelos Triantaphyllou

Post-consensus analysis of group decision making processes by means of a graph theoretic and an association rules mining approach, Evangelos Triantaphyllou

Analysis of the Final Ranking Decisions Made by Experts After a Consensus has Been Reached in Group Decision Making, Evangelos Triantaphyllou, Fujun Hou, and Juri Yanase

Adaptive Consensus and Parameter Estimation of Multi-Agent Systems with An Uncertain Leader, Shimin Wang and Xiangyu Meng

Coupling the reduced-order model and the generative model for an importance sampling estimator, Xiaoliang Wan and Shuangqing Wei

All-Atomic Molecular Dynamic Studies of Human and CDK8: Insights into Their Kinase Domains, the LXXLL Motifs, and Drug Binding Site, Wu Xu, Xiao-Jun Xie, Ali K. Faust, Mengmeng Liu, Xiao Li, and Michal Brylinski

Development of rolled scaffold for high-density adherent cell culture, Ashkan YekrangSafakar, Katie M. Hamel, Ali Mehrnezhad, Jangwook P. Jung, and Kidong Park

Nickel sulfide nanocrystals for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation, Jisun Yoo, In Hye Kwak, Ik Seon Kwon, Kidong Park, Doyeon Kim, Jong Hyun Lee, Soo A. Lim, Eun Hee Cha, and Jeunghee Park

Vehicle global 6-DoF pose estimation under traffic surveillance camera, Shanxin Zhang, Cheng Wang, Zijian He, Qing Li, Xiuhong Lin, Xin Li, Juyong Zhang, Chenhui Yang, and Jonathan Li