Submissions from 2022


Edge Engineered Graphene Nanoribbons as Nanoscale Interconnect: DFT Analysis, Sonal Agrawal, Anurag Srivastava, Gaurav Kaushal, and Ashok Srivastava

A Fabricated Force Glove That Measures Hand Forces during Activities of Daily Living, Edward F. Austin, Charlotte P. Kearney, Pedro J. Chacon, Sara A. Winges, Prasanna Acharya, and Jin Woo Choi

Insights into magma ocean dynamics from the transport properties of basaltic melt, Suraj K. Bajgain, Aaron Wolfgang Ashley, Mainak Mookherjee, Dipta B. Ghosh, Bijaya B. Karki, and Wu Xu

Artificial intelligence for the discovery of novel antimicrobial agents for emerging infectious diseases, Adam Bess, Frej Berglind, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Michal Brylinski, Nicholas Griggs, Ramakrishna Nemani, and Shreekant Gayaka

Learning inter- and intraframe representations for non-Lambertian photometric stereo, Yanlong Cao, Binjie Ding, Zewei He, Jiangxin Yang, Jingxi Chen, Yanpeng Cao, and Xin Li

Computational framework for steady-state NLOS localization under changing ambient illumination conditions, Yanpeng Cao, Rui Liang, Jiangxin Yang, Yanlong Cao, Zewei He, Jian Chen, and Xin Li

An all-elastomer pressure sensor utilizing printed carbon nanotube patterns with high sensitivity, Tallis H. da Costa and Jin Woo Choi

Spatio-Temporal 3-D Residual Networks for Simultaneous Detection and Depth Estimation of CFRP Subsurface Defects in Lock-In Thermography, Yafei Dong, Chenjie Xia, Jiangxin Yang, Yanlong Cao, Yanpeng Cao, and Xin Li

LAG-Net: Multi-Granularity Network for Person Re-Identification via Local Attention System, Xun Gong, Zu Yao, Xin Li, Yueqiao Fan, Bin Luo, Jianfeng Fan, and Boji Lao

A practical evaluation of machine learning for classification of ultrasound images of ovarian development in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), Clinten A. Graham, Hamed Shamkhalichenar, Valentino E. Browning, Victoria J. Byrd, Yue Liu, M. Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, Noel Novelo, Jin Woo Choi, and Terrence R. Tiersch

Genomic and transcriptomic analysis unveils population evolution and development of pesticide resistance in fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda, Furong Gui, Tianming Lan, Yue Zhao, Wei Guo, and Yang Dong

BLNet: Bidirectional learning network for point clouds, Wenkai Han, Hai Wu, Chenglu Wen, Cheng Wang, and Xin Li

Topology-aware Learning Assisted Branch and Ramp Constraints Screening for Dynamic Economic Dispatch, Fouad Hasan and Amin Kargarian

Optimal Convex Hull Formation on a Grid by Asynchronous Robots With Lights, Rory Hector, Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, Gokarna Sharma, and Jerry L. Trahan

Effective Model Update for Adaptive Classification of Text Streams in a Distributed Learning Environment, Min-Seon Kim, Bo-Young Lim, Kisung Lee, and Hyuk-Yoon Kwon

A study of a hierarchical structure of proteins and ligand binding sites of receptors using the triangular spatial relationship-based structure comparison method and development of a size-filtering feature designed for comparing different sizes of protein structures, Sarika Kondra, Feng Chen, Yixin Chen, Yuwu Chen, and Caleb J. Collette


A Survey of Blind Modulation Classification Techniques for OFDM Signals, Anand Kumar, Sudhan Majhi, Guan Gui, Hsiao-Chun Wu, and Chau Yuen


A Survey of Blind Modulation Classification Techniques for OFDM Signals, Anand Kumar, Sudhan Majhi, Guan Gui, Hsiao-Chun Wu, and Chau Yuen

2021 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Kisung Lee

Ensemble of fast learning stochastic gradient boosting, Bin Li, Qingzhao Yu, and Lu Peng

Identifying diabetes from conjunctival images using a novel hierarchical multi-task network, Xinyue Li, Chenjie Xia, Xin Li, Shuangqing Wei, Sujun Zhou, Xuhui Yu, Jiayue Gao, Yanpeng Cao, and Hong Zhang

Hyperspectral dark field optical microscopy for orientational imaging of a single plasmonic nanocube using a physics-based learning method, Nishir Mehta, Amirreza Mahigir, Georgios Veronis, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Eco-Driving of Autonomous Vehicles for Nonstop Crossing of Signalized Intersections, Xiangyu Meng and Christos G. Cassandras

Power Grid Resilience Enhancement via Protecting Electrical Substations against Flood Hazards: A Stochastic Framework, Mohadese Movahednia, Amin Kargarian, Celalettin E. Ozdemir, and Scott C. Hagen

A Miniaturized Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Measurement Instrument Based on a Phase-Locked Loop Circuit, Jong Yoon Park, Rocío L. Pérez, Caitlan E. Ayala, Stephanie R. Vaughan, Isiah M. Warner, and Jin Woo Choi

Surface Wettability Drives the Crystalline Surface Assembly of Monodisperse Spheres in Evaporative Colloidal Lithography, Brandy Perkins-Howard, Ashley R. Walker, Quynh Do, Dodangodage Ishara Senadheera, Fawwaz Hazzazi, J. P. Grundhoefer, Theda Daniels-Race, and Jayne C. Garno

Novel Robust Photoplethysmogram-Based Authentication, Limeng Pu, Pedro J. Chacon, Hsiao Chun Wu, and Jin Woo Choi

CancerOmicsNet: a multi-omics network-based approach to anti-cancer drug profiling, Limeng Pu, Manali Singha, Jagannathan Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

An integrated network representation of multiple cancer-specific data for graph-based machine learning, Limeng Pu, Manali Singha, Hsiao-Chun Wu, Costas Busch, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Multi-Perspective Hierarchical Deep-Fusion Learning Framework for Lung Nodule Classification, Kazim Sekeroglu and Ömer Muhammet Soysal

Multi-Perspective Hierarchical Deep-Fusion Learning Framework for Lung Nodule Classification, Kazim Sekeroglu and Ömer Muhammet Soysal

Learning scale awareness in keypoint extraction and description, Xuelun Shen, Cheng Wang, Xin Li, Yifan Peng, Zijian He, Chenglu Wen, and Ming Cheng

A comparative experimental study of distributed storage engines for big spatial data processing using GeoSpark, Hansub Shin, Kisung Lee, and Hyuk-Yoon Kwon

GraphSite: Ligand Binding Site Classification with Deep Graph Learning, Wentao Shi, Manali Singha, Limeng Pu, Gopal Srivastava, Jagannathan Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Pocket2Drug: An Encoder-Decoder Deep Neural Network for the Target-Based Drug Design, Wentao Shi, Manali Singha, Gopal Srivastava, Limeng Pu, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Artificial intelligence to guide precision anticancer therapy with multitargeted kinase inhibitors, Manali Singha, Limeng Pu, Brent A. Stanfield, Ifeanyi K. Uche, Paul J. Rider, Konstantin G. Kousoulas, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Cross-Modal Semantic Matching Generative Adversarial Networks for Text-to-Image Synthesis, Hongchen Tan, Xiuping Liu, Baocai Yin, and Xin Li

MHSA-Net: Multihead Self-Attention Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification, Hongchen Tan, Xiuping Liu, Baocai Yin, and Xin Li

Channel modeling and LQG control in the presence of random delays and packet drops, Jiapeng Xu, Guoxiang Gu, Yang Tang, and Feng Qian

Novel Cooperative Automatic Modulation Classification Using Vectorized Soft Decision Fusion for Wireless Sensor Networks, Xiao Yan, yan zhang, xiaoxue Rao, Qian Wang, and Hsiao-Chun Wu

High-density adherent culture of CHO cells using rolled scaffold bioreactor, Ashkan YekrangSafakar, Ali Mehrnezhad, Tongyao Wu, and Kidong Park


Noninvasive Human Activity Recognition Using Millimeter-Wave Radar, Chengxi Yu, Zhezhuang Xu, Kun Yan, Ying-Ren Chien, Shih-Hau Fang, and Hsiao-Chun Wu

LiDAR-based localization using universal encoding and memory-aware regression, Shangshu Yu, Cheng Wang, Chenglu Wen, Ming Cheng, Minghao Liu, Zhihong Zhang, and Xin Li

Action Recognition Based on CSI Signal Using Improved Deep Residual Network Model, Jian Zhao, Shangwu Chong, Liang Huang, Xin Li, Chen He, and Jian Jia

Synthesis of Holmium-Oxide Nanoparticles for Near-Infrared Imaging and Dye-Photodegradation, Jia Zhu, Xue-Jun Shao, Zongan Li, CHIA HUI LIN, and Cheng-Wan-Qian Wang

Submissions from 2021

Lyapunov function-based stabilizing control scheme for wireless power transfer systems with LCC compensation network, Abu Shahir Abu, Indra Bhogaraju, Mehdi Farasat, and Michael Malisoff

Sequential Predictors for Stabilization of Bilinear Systems under Measurement Uncertainty, Indra Bhogaraju, Mehdi Farasat, and Michael Malisoff

Unified Coil and Compensation Network Design for Improving Wireless Power Transfer Efficiency Over Wide Output Load Variation Ranges, Amir Masoud Bozorgi, Reza Tavakoli, and Mehdi Farasat

Multi-sensor spatial augmented reality for visualizing the invisible thermal information of 3D objects, Yanpeng Cao, Yafei Dong, Fan Wang, Jiangxin Yang, Yanlong Cao, and Xin Li

Data-driven framework for high-Accuracy color restoration of RGBN multispectral filter array sensors under extremely low-light conditions, Yanpeng Cao, Bowen Zhao, Xi Tong, Jian Chen, Jiangxin Yang, Yanlong Cao, and Xin Li

A Semi-Centralized Dynamic Key Management Framework for In-Vehicle Networks, Ivan E. Carvajal-Roca, Jian Wang, Jun Du, and Shuangqing Wei

A moving vehicle height monitoring sensor system for overheight impact avoidance, Pedro J. Chacon, Jong Yoon Park, Aly M. Aly, George Z. Voyiadjis, and Jin Woo Choi

Do Energy Oscillations Degrade Energy Transfer in Electrical Systems?, Leszek S. Czarnecki

Conversion of fixed-parameters compensator in four-wire system with nonsinusoidal voltage into adaptive compensator, Leszek S. CZARNECKI and Motab ALMOUSA

Bionoi: A Voronoi Diagram-Based Representation of Ligand-Binding Sites in Proteins for Machine Learning Applications, Joseph Feinstein, Wentao Shi, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

Remote State Estimation with Enhanced Robustness in the Presence of Data Packet Dropouts, Yu Feng, Ying Tan, Guoxiang Gu, and Xiang Chen

Kalman filtering over the random delay and packet drop channel, Guoxiang Gu, Yang Tang, and Feng Qian

Modeling for a Class of Correlated Random Delay and Packet Drop Channels, Guoxiang Gu, Jiapeng Xu, and Yang Tang

Fully Distributed Event-Triggered Consensus of Double-Integrator Multi-Agent Systems, Shaopan Guo, Xiangyu Meng, and Baozhu Du

Consensus Control of High-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Delayed Feedback and Matched Disturbances, Shaopan Guo, Xiangyu Meng, and Xinmiao Sun

Hybrid Learning Aided Inactive Constraints Filtering Algorithm to Enhance AC OPF Solution Time, Fouad Hasan, Amin Kargarian, and Javad Mohammadi

Fabrication of zinc oxide nanoparticles deposited on (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane-treated silicon substrates by an optimized voltage-controlled electrophoretic deposition and their application as fluorescence-based sensors, Fawwaz Hazzazi, Alex Young, Christopher O’loughlin, and Theda Daniels-Race

On Optimal Doorway Egress by Autonomous Robots, Rory Hector, Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, Gokarna Sharma, and Jerry Trahan

ESKN: Enhanced selective kernel network for single image super-resolution, Zewei He, Guizhong Fu, Yanpeng Cao, Yanlong Cao, Jiangxin Yang, and Xin Li

BifurKTM: Approximately consistent distributed transactional memory for GPUs, Samuel Irving, Lu Peng, Costas Busch, and Jih Kwon Peir

Real-time water level monitoring using live cameras and computer vision techniques, Navid H. Jafari, Xin Li, Qin Chen, Can Yu Le, Logan P. Betzer, and Yongqing Liang

Hierarchical and Stable Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Navigation Control, Yue Jin, Shuangqing Wei, Jian Yuan, and Xudong Zhang

Information-bottleneck-based behavior representation learning for multi-agent reinforcement learning, Yue Jin, Shuangqing Wei, Jian Yuan, and Xudong Zhang

Evaluation of Algorithms for Randomizing Key Item Locations in Game Worlds, Caleb H. Johnson, Jerry L. Trahan, Tao Lu, and Lu Peng

Secure Power Distribution against Reactive Power Control Malfunction in der Units, Anto Joseph, Keyue Smedley, and Shahab Mehraeen

Behavior and properties of water in silicate melts under deep mantle conditions, Bijaya B. Karki, Dipta B. Ghosh, and Shun-Ichiro Karato

Anisotropic 2D SiAs for High-Performance UV–Visible Photodetectors, Doyeon Kim, Kidong Park, Jong Hyun Lee, Ik Seon Kwon, In Hye Kwak, and Jeunghee Park

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition), Daniel J. Klionsky, Amal Kamal Abdel-Aziz, Sara Abdelfatah, Mahmoud Abdellatif, and Asghar Abdoli

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition), Daniel J. Klionsky, Amal Kamal Abdel-Aziz, Sara Abdelfatah, Mahmoud Abdellatif, Asghar Abdoli, Deborah C. Chervenak, and R Michael Wolcott

Spatial context-aware network for salient object detection, Yuqiu Kong, Mengyang Feng, Xin Li, Huchuan Lu, Xiuping Liu, and Baocai Yin

FeatFlow: Learning geometric features for 3D motion estimation, Qing Li, Cheng Wang, Xin Li, and Chenglu Wen

GraphDTI: A robust deep learning predictor of drug-target interactions from multiple heterogeneous data, Guannan Liu, Manali Singha, Limeng Pu, Prasanga Neupane, Joseph Feinstein, Hsiao-Chun Wu, J Ramanujam, and Michal Brylinski

The emerging role of open technologies for community-based improvement of cryopreservation and quality management for repository development in aquatic species, Yue Liu, W. Todd Monroe, Jorge A. Belgodere, Jin Woo Choi, M. Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, and Terrence R. Tiersch

Detection of pancreatic cancer by convolutional-neural-network-assisted spontaneous Raman spectroscopy with critical feature visualization, Zhongqiang Li, Zheng Li, Qing Chen, Alexandra Ramos, Jian Zhang, J. Philip Boudreaux, Ramcharan Thiagarajan, Yvette Bren-Mattison, Michael E. Dunham, Andrew J. McWhorter, et al.

An optimized JPEG-XT-based algorithm for the lossy and lossless compression of 16-bit depth medical image, Zhongqiang Li, Alexandra Ramos, Zheng Li, Michelle L. Osborn, Xin Li, Yanping Li, Shaomian Yao, and Jian Xu

Seance: Divination of Tool-Breaking Changes in Forensically Important Binaries, Ryan Maggio, Andrew Case, Aisha Ali-Gombe, and Golden G. Richard III

Learning-aided Asynchronous ADMM for Optimal Power Flow, Ali Mohammadi and Amin Kargarian

Momentum extrapolation prediction-based asynchronous distributed optimization for power systems, Ali Mohammadi and Amin Kargarian

Sensitivity analysis-based optimal PMU placement for fault observability, Pooria Mohammadi, Shahab Mehraeen, and Hamidreza Nazaripouya

TemporalFusion: Temporal Motion Reasoning with Multi-Frame Fusion for 6D Object Pose Estimation, Fengjun Mu, Rui Huang, Ao Luo, Xin Li, Jing Qiu, and Hong Cheng

Semi-Blind Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Multi-Cell Massive MIMO Systems on Time-Varying Channels, Mort Naraghi-Pour, Mohammed Rashid, and Cesar Vargas-Rosales

Semi-blind Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Time-Varying Massive MIMO System, Mort Naraghi-Pour, Mohammed Rashid, and Cesar Vargas-Rosales

Nonparametric preventive/corrective voltage stability enhancement of active distribution systems with integrated electric vehicles charging facilities, Saeed Nejadfard-jahromi, Mohammad Mohammadi, and Amin Kargarian

Hybrid Data-Model Predictive Control for Enabling Participation of Renewables in Regulating Reserves Service, Juan Nunez Forestieri, Mehdi Farasat, and Joydeep Mitra

Coating-based quartz crystal microbalance detection methods of environmentally relevant volatile organic compounds, Rocío L. Pérez, Caitlan E. Ayala, Jong Yoon Park, Jin Woo Choi, and Isiah M. Warner

Multi-Target Delay and Doppler Estimation in Bistatic Passive Radar Systems, Mohammed Rashid and Mort Naraghi-Pour

A Generalized Model for Unified Ac-Dc Load Flow Analysis, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani and Shahab Mehraeen

Unified AC-DC Load Flow Via an Alternate AC-Equivalent Circuit, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani and Shahab Mehraeen

Dynamic Interaction of Distribution-Connected DER_A with Transmission System Via Co-Simulation Analysis, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani, Shahab Mehraeen, Jayanth Ramamurthy, and Thomas Field

MemForC: Memory Forensics Corpus Creation for Malware Analysis, Golden Richard

Implementation of a stable solar-powered microgrid testbed for remote applications, Hossein Saberi, Hamidreza Nazaripouya, and Shahab Mehraeen

Multiclass Learning-Aided Temporal Decomposition and Distributed Optimization for Power Systems, Farnaz Safdarian, Amin Kargarian, and Fouad Hasan

Characterization of fibrillar collagen isoforms in infarcted mouse hearts using second harmonic generation imaging, Sushant P. Sahu, Qianglin Liu, Alisha Prasad, Syed Mohammad Hasan, and Qun Liu

Exploring the effectiveness of the TSR-based protein 3-D structural comparison method for protein clustering, and structural motif identification and discovery of protein kinases, hydrolases, and SARS-CoV-2's protein via the application of amino acid grouping, Titli Sarkar, Vijay V. Raghavan, Feng Chen, Andrew Riley, Sophia Zhou, Steffen Abel, Hagai Abeliovich, Marie H. Abildgaard, Yakubu Princely Abudu, Abraham Acevedo-Arozena, et al.

A Bipolar Hybrid Circuit Breaker for Low-Voltage DC Circuits, Sudipta Sen, Shahab Mehraeen, and Keyue Smedley