Submissions from 2023


Empowering Student Success: Unlocking the Potential of Project-Based Steel Design Education, Aly Mousaad Aly

Submissions from 2021


Aerodynamic testing and response evaluation of a large-scale high-rise building model at a high Reynolds number, Aly Mousaad Aly and Suvash Chapain


Aerodynamics of low-rise buildings: large-scale open-jet testing to address Reynolds number effects, Aly Mousaad Aly and Faiaz Khaled


On the computational efficiency of LES and hybrid RANS-LES models in building aerodynamics, Aly Mousaad Aly and Faiaz Khaled


Healthy Eating in Low-Income Rural Louisiana Parishes: Formative Research for Future Social Marketing Campaigns, Linda Fergus, Richie Roberts, and Denise Holston


Empowering the caregiver network of farmers with a disability: A case study of the North Carolina AgrAbility project, Kristoff Minus, Janine Woods, Richie Roberts, Chastity English, and Beatriz Rodriguez

Submissions from 2020


A reenvisioned agricultural system in Thailand: The growth in human capital experienced by agriculturalists after adoption of the sufficiency economic philosophy, Alexis C. Agard and Richie Roberts

Pregnant women's confidence and perceptions on practices related to food safety: A study in Louisiana, Melissa Cater, Rebecca Gravois, Genesis G. Guerra Gaitan, and Wenqing Xu


Implementing Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Through Community Coalitions and Extension Partnerships to Address Obesity in Rural Louisiana, Denise Holston, Jessica Stroope, Melissa Cater, Michelle Kendall, and Stephanie Broyles


Exploring students’ cultural competence development during a short-term international experience: A Q-sort study, Shelli Rampold, Bradley Coleman, J. C. Bunch, and Richie Roberts

Benefits of Using Service-Learning in the Preparation of Teachers: An Analysis of Agricultural Education Teacher Educators’ Beliefs and Intentions, Richie Roberts

Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Team-Based Learning During an Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Course: A Mixed Methods Study, Richie Roberts

Industry Perceptions of HERDA in Performance Horses, Neely L. Walker, Anne R. Patout, and Melissa Cater

Submissions from 2019

Psychometric Analyses of the Motivation to Prepare Healthy Foods Questionnaire Used With Adult College Students, Ariana DeLong Bailey, Melissa Cater, Carol E. O'Neil, Derek Miketinas, and Georgianna Tuuri


Opportunities and challenges addressing access to healthy food in five rural louisiana food stores, Michelle Kendall, Stephanie T. Broyles, Jamila Freightman, Melissa Cater, and Denise Holston

Psychometric properties of the Teacher beliefs of environmental education questionnaire, Ashley W. Mullens and Melissa Cater

Examination of the factorial structure of the positive youth development Program Quality Competency Questionnaire using responses from youth development professionals across the U.S., Jeantyl Norze and Melissa Cater

Deterrents to Service-Learning’s Use as a Method of Instruction in the Preparation of Agricultural Education Teachers: The Beliefs and Intentions of Teacher Educators, Richie Roberts

Assessing Youth Perceptions and Knowledge of Ethics at 4-H Horse Shows in Louisiana, Neely Walker, Melissa Cater, Brittany Bourg, Hannah Devall, and Megan Sarver

Submissions from 2018

Perception of food safety risk from animal contact questionnaire for extension audiences, Melissa Cater and Wenqing Xu

Animal contact in public settings-risk awareness of enteric pathogens and hand hygiene behaviors, Wenqing Xu, Melissa Cater, Rebecca Gravois, Christine Navarre, Diana Coulon, Dorra Djebbi-Simmons, and Austin Wong

Submissions from 2017

Assessment of Owner and Veterinarian Awareness of Equine Insulin Dysregulation and Available Treatments in Southeastern United States, Nicole Arana-Valencia, Melissa W. Cater, and Neely Walker

Evaluation of components of volunteerism in Master Horseman program graduates, Neely Walker, Melissa Cater, Debra Davis, and Janet Fox

Awareness of Listeria and high-risk food consumption behavior among pregnant women in Louisiana, Wenqing Xu, Melissa Cater, Adriana Gaitan, Merritt Drewery, Rebecca Gravois, and Carol J. Lammi-Keefe

Submissions from 2016

Program theory and quality matter: Changing the course of extension program evaluation, Mary E. Arnold and Melissa Cater

Psychometric properties of the inventory of student experiences in undergraduate research, Melissa Cater, Sarah D. Ferstel, and Carol E. O’Neil

Adolescent healthful foods inventory: Development of an instrument to assess adolescents' willingness to consume healthful foods, Amber B. McGuerty, Melissa Cater, Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, and Georgianna Tuuri

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the Adolescent Motivation to Cook Questionnaire: A Self-Determination Theory instrument, Derek Miketinas, Melissa Cater, Ariana Bailey, Brittany Craft, and Georgianna Tuuri

Medicinal-Induced Behavior Disorders, Sai Krishna J. Munjampalli and Debra E. Davis

Exploratory and confirmatory factory analysis of the Willingness to Eat Whole Grains Questionnaire: A measure of young adults’ attitudes toward consuming whole grain foods, Georgianna Tuuri, Melissa Cater, Brittany Craft, Ariana Bailey, and Derek Miketinas

Submissions from 2015


Examining Louisiana state university college of agriculture students’ perceived motivators and barriers to participation in international experiences, J. C. Bunch, J. Joey Blackburn, Shelli Dan Jean, Kristin E. Stair, and Leslie D. Blanchard


Examining the motivations and barriers influencing the decisions of Louisiana state university college of agriculture freshmen to participate in international experiences, Shelli Danjean, J. C. Bunch, and Joey Blackburn

Exploring community partnerships in agricultural and extension education, Brenda Seevers and Kristin Stair

Submissions from 2014

Measuring Perceptions of Engagement in Teamwork in Youth Development Programs, Melissa Cater and Kimberly Y. Jones

Clinical manifestations of cerebellar disease, Vijayakumar Javalkar, Misbba Khan, and Debra E. Davis

Submissions from 2013


Wind loading on trees integrated with a building envelope, Aly Mousaad Aly and et al .

A study of perceptions of the value of mentoring among 4-H extension educators: A phenomenological study, Allison Bruchhaus, Joe W. Kotrlik, Krisanna Machtmes, and Janet Fox

A study of extension professionals preferences and perceptions of usefulness and level of comfort with blogs as an informal professional development tool, Melissa Cater, Debra Davis, Bradley Leger, and Krisanna Machtmes

A phenomenological examination of context on adolescent ownership and engagement rationale, Melissa Cater, Krisanna Machtmes, and Janet E. Fox

Submissions from 2012

Louisiana 4-H seeds of service school gardens: A descriptive view, Melissa Cater, Janet Fox, and Bobby Fletcher

Holdingsthe helm: Exploring the influence of transformational leadership on group creativity, and the moderating role of organizational learning culture, Simone T.A. Phipps, Leon C. Prieto, and Satish Verma

Submissions from 2011

Participatory evaluation: Factors to consider when involving youth, Janet Foxm and Melissa Cater

Submissions from 2009

Helping children by educating their caretakers: An evaluation of knowledge gain and practice implementation, Leanna Cathey, Rebecca White, Emily Braud, and Cheri Gioe

Teaching qualitative research methods through service-learning, Krisanna Machtmes, Earl Johnson, Janet Fox, Mary S. Burke, Jeannie Harper, Lisa Arcemont, Lanette Hebert, Todd Tarifa, Roy C. Brooks, Andree L. Reynaud, et al.

Teaching qualitative research methods through service-learning, Krisanna Machtmes, Earl Johnson, Janet Fox, Mary S. Burke, Jeannie Harper, Lisa Arcemont, Lanette Hebert, Todd Tarifa, Roy C. Brooks, Andree L. Reynaud, et al.

Photos can inspire a thousand words: Photolanguage as a qualitative evaluation method, Rebecca White, Diane Sasser, Richard Bogren, and Johnny Morgan

The importance of instruction on mass casualty incidents in baccalaureate nursing programs: Perceptions of nursing faculty, Kristin K. Whitty and Michael F. Burnett

Submissions from 2008

Using risk management tools and training to protect youth and adults in overnight settings, Janet E. Fox, Lanette Hebert, Mark Tassin, and Charles Hebert

Submissions from 2007

True colors shining through: Cooperative extension strengths in time of disaster, Leanna Cathey, Paul Coreil, Mark Schexnayder, and Rebecca White

Clinical research trials: factors that influence and hinder participation., Betty M. Kennedy and Michael F. Burnett

Submissions from 2006

Competency-Based Training and Assessment Center: Strategies, Technology, Process, and Issues, Michael Burnett and Jacqueline V. Dutsch

Submissions from 2005

Examining the purpose of technical education in Zimbabwe's high schools, Davison M. Mupinga, Michael F. Burnett, and Donna H. Redmann

Submissions from 2003

Life skill development through 4-H clubs: The perspective of 4-H alumni, Janet Fox, Debra Schroeder, and Kathleen Lodl


Deterrents to participation in parenting education, Debora C. Johnson, Betty C. Harrison, Michael F. Burnett, and Peter Emerson

Submissions from 1999

Assessing the impact of influential observations on multiple regression analysis in human resource research, Reid A. Bates, Elwood F. Holton, and Michael F. Burnett

Readers' views regarding the electronic journal of extension: Results of subscriber surveys, Satish Verma, Michael Lambur, and James Lemon

Submissions from 1996

Cutting evaluation costs by reducing sample size, Satish Verma and Michael F. Burnett

Cutting evaluation costs by reducing sample size, Satish Verma and Michael F. Burnett

Conducting evaluations through collaborative efforts, Satish Verma and Alvin C. Burns

Submissions from 1977

Testing Consumers for Knowledge of Beef Concepts, Satish Verma, Duane Tucker, and Edward W. Gassie

Submissions from 1973

Educational Participation and Dietary Changes of EFNEP Homemakers in Louisiana, Satish Verma and J. H. Jones