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Comparative Woman (Journals)

ISSN 2836-5879

Welcome to Comparative Woman!

Comparative Woman is an online journal exploring topics related to comparative literature and women/gender studies through art and academic essays. We seek to give artists and scholars a platform for reflecting on their thoughts and experiences and to present our readers with unique, diverse, and thought-provoking art and scholarship created by women and the LGBTQ+ community or about women and the LGBTQ+ community in mediums both in and outside of the Western Literary Canon. As of July 20, 2023, our submission portal has closed while our editorial team reviews submissions for the upcoming publication of the LSU Languages and Literatures Conference Proceedings. We thank you for your patience.

COVID-19 publications by LSU scholars

This collection includes open access journal articles, preprints, and other publications about COVID-19 by LSU faculty and researchers.

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)

This collection features the open access research of the Nobel Prize-winning LIGO project. Louisiana State University is a participant in this endeavor, which has detected the gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein over one hundred years ago in his General Theory of Relativity