Structural and optical characterization of InAs nanostructures grown on high-index InP substrates

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The structural and optical properties of InAs layers grown on high-index InP surfaces by molecular beam epitaxy are investigated in order to understand the self-organization of quantum dots and quantum wires on novel index surfaces. Four different InP substrate orientations have been examined, namely, (1 1 1)B, (3 1 1)A, and (3 1 1)B and (1 0 0). A rich variety of InAs nanostructures is formed on the surfaces. Quantum wire-like morphology is observed on the (1 0 0) surface, and evident island formation is found on (1 1 1)A and (3 1 1)B by atomic force microscopy. The photoluminescence spectra of InP (1 1 1)A and (3 1 1)B samples show typical QD features with PL peaks in the wavelength range 1.3-1.55 μm with comparable efficiency. These results suggest that the high-index substrates are promising candidates for production of high-quality self-organized QD materials for device applications.

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Journal of Crystal Growth

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