Submissions from 2024


Breaking the spatial justice emergency cycle: The role of foresight planning, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


Spatial Justice: Deductions, Demonstrations, and Derivations, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Submissions from 2023


A systematic review on the ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure, Daniel Jato-Espino, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro, Vanessa Moscardó, Leticia Bartolome del Pino, Fernando Mayor-Vitoria, Laura Gallardo, Patricia Carracedo, and Kristin Dietrich


Toward One Health: a spatial indicator system to model the facilitation of the spread of zoonotic diseases, Daniel Jato-Espino, Fernando Mayor-Vitoria, Vanessa Moscardó, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro, and Leticia Bartolome del Pino

Submissions from 2022

Problemas estructurales de las ciudades latinoamericanas 450 años después de la fundación de Caracas, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


Structural problems of Latin American cities 450 years after Caracas’ foundation, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


Visualization Research: Scoping review on data visualization courses, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


Getting By and Getting Out: How Residents of Louisiana’s Frontline Communities Are Adapting to Environmental Change, Marla Nelson, Renia Ehrenfeucht, Traci Birch, and Anna Brand

Planning for Water Security in Southeast Asia: Community-Based Infrastructure During the Urban Transition, James Nguyen H. Spencer

Submissions from 2021

Strengthening the response to disasters and trauma, Joie D. Acosta, Lauren Alexander Augustine, Traci L. Birch, Elka Gotfryd, Lourdes J. Rodríguez, Sheila B. Savannah, and Benjamin Springgate

Spotlight: Inland from the coast, Traci L. Birch

Cross-References for a Designed Post-Pandemic Future, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Disasters, Kim Mosby, Traci Birch, Aimee Moles, and Katie E. Cherry

Submissions from 2020

Uncertain Regional Urbanism in Venezuela, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


Uncertain Regional Urbanism in Venezuela. Government, Infrastructure and Environment, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Implementación de cursos de arquitectura en línea en el marco de la pandemia de COVID-19, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro, Andrea Castro Marcucci, and Daniel Belandria

Impact of ventilation method on residential indoor PM dispersion during dust storm events in Saudi Arabia, Amos Kalua, Soo Jeong Jo, Seyedreza Fateminasab, Sana'a Al-Rqaibat, and Christoph Opitz

Submissions from 2019


Delta Urbanism: Aligning Adaptation with the Protection and Restoration Paradigm in Coastal Louisiana, Traci Birch and Jeff Carney

Submissions from 2018


Forty years of coastal zone management (1975–2014): Evolving theory, policy and practice as reflected in scientific research publications, Traci Birch and Enrique Reyes

Teaching CFD as a Pedagogy for Architectural Design: A qualitative study based on interviews, Soo Jeong Jo

Trends in the application of CFD for architectural design, Soo Jeong Jo

Feasibility Study of Affordable Earth Masonry Housing in the U.S. Gulf Coast Region, Nitin Kumar, Michele Barbato, and Robert Holton

Using entrepreneurial social infrastructure to understand smart shrinkage in small towns, David J. Peters, Sara Hamideh, Kimberly Elman Zarecor, and Marwan Ghandour

Reading Architecture: Literary Imagination and Architectural Experience, Angeliki Siolo

Submissions from 2017

Actualización sobre la megalópolis del centro-norte de Venezuela, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Crecimiento de la mancha urbana en la periferia de Caracas entre 2010 y 2016, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Architecture and Landscape, Frank Lloyd Wright's circular house designs, Michael Desmond

Simulations of Indoor Moisture Generation in U.S. Homes, Soo Jeong Jo

Books from 2016

Thinking About Landscape Architecture: Principles of a Design Profession for the 21st Century, Bruce Sharky

Submissions from 2014


Espacios Sucre: Interdisciplinary program to develop a system of small- and medium-scale interventions in public spaces, Daniel Belandria and Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Los límites desapercibidos de las ciudades: Reflexión sobre el lindero en Caracas, F. Capra-Ribeiro


Discussion of the contradictions of the contemporary urban landscape: The case of Caracas, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Espacios reciclados, reflexión sobre los elevados viales en Caracas, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Espacios Sucre: Interdisciplinary program to develop a system of small- and medium-scale interventions in public spaces, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Las contrastantes evocaciones del límite, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro


The city’s unnoticed limits: Considerations about the boundaries in Caracas, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Submissions from 2013


Processes Translated. From Design to Research, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

The early American maps of Iowa and their politics, Marwan Ghandour

Books from 2012

Modeling the Environment: Techniques and Tools for the 3D Illustration of Dynamic Landscapes, Bradley Cantrell

Submissions from 2011

Análisis y reflexiones desde el diseño hasta la producción, recogidas a través de tres experiencias de elaboración de superficies, Fabio Capra-Ribeiro

Public Spaces, Private Gardens: A History of Designed Landscapes in New Orleans, Lake Douglas

Books from 2010

Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Contemporary Techniques and Tools for Digital Representation in Site Design, Bradley Cantrell and Wes Michaels

Submissions from 2008

Review Essay: Buildings in the Making of Cities: Three Chicago Case Studies RICHARD LONGSTRETH, ed., The Charnley House: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Making of Chicago's Gold Coast. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004, pp. xxi, 249, illustrations, notes, index, $55.00 hardback. JOSEPH M. SIRY, The Chicago Auditorium Building: Adler and Sullivan's Architecture and the City. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002, pp. xv, 550, illustrations, notes, selected bibliography, index, $55.00 cloth. KATHERINE SOLOMONSON, The Chicago Tribune Tower Competition: Skyscraper Design and Cultural Change in the 1920s. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp. xiii, 370, illustrations, bibliography, index, $80.00 cloth [University of Chicago Press, 2003, $27.00 paper], Michael Desmond

Submissions from 2006

On cities and designers: A Baalbeck Story, Marwan Ghandour