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Executive Summary The Social Research and Evaluation Center (SREC) at the Louisiana State University, College of Human Sciences and Education engaged Louisiana-recognized tribes to investigate their perceptions, resources, and challenges around the Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) crisis in their communities. The outreach and investigative process resulted in attending tribal council meetings, conducting key stakeholder interviews, and administering tribal listening sessions. The discussions and listening sessions facilitated open dialogue about the nature of OUD, prevention, treatment, and recovery as well as identification of strengths and challenges experienced by tribal communities. Tribal citizens reported limited knowledge about help for those experiencing addiction. Knowledge of resources was limited, and misinformation was also revealed. Tribal citizens reported little to no cultural practices that could assist those dealing with addiction. Tribal citizens listed an array of root causes contributing to addiction in their communities including historical and generational trauma. The interactions for this project with Native American citizens opened new channels of communication and established rapport among tribal citizens and the SREC research team to better understand the impact of OUD and identify appropriate solutions