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Recording Date

Fall 11-1-2018


This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree. Matthew is from the Studio of Dr. John Dickson.


“From Darkness to Light”

Matthew Myers, conductor
Liliia Oliinyk, piano and organ

Israel in Egypt ….. George Frideric Handel
8. He Sent a Thick Darkness

Three Flower Songs ….. Eric Whitacre
2. With a Lily in Your Hand

Toutes les nuits ….. Clément Janequin

Grace McCrary, Dominique Petite,
Robert Burton, Andrew Owen, quartet

Still wie die Nacht ….. Carl Bohm

Serenade ….. Edward Elgar

Draw On, Sweet Night ….. John Wilbye

Sure on This Shining Night ….. Morten Lauridsen

Hymn to the Creator of Light ….. John Rutter

Dominus, illuminatio mea, H. 229 ….. Marc-Antoine Charpentier

1. Dominus illuminatio mea

2. Circuivi et immolavi

 3. Ne tradideris me in animas

True Light ….. Keith Hampton

Cassandra Schmitt, soloist