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Recording Date

Spring 3-13-2019


This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree. Larry is from the Studio of Dr. Joseph Skillen.



Larry Heard, tuba
Dianne Frazer, piano

Capriccio (6’) ….. Krzysztof Penderecki

Selections from Romeo and Juliet (12’) Suite No. 1, op. 64 for Tuba and Piano ….. Sergei Prokofiev

  • II. The City Awakes
  • III. Public Merry-Making
  • IV. The Young Girl Juliet
  • VIII. Romeo At Friar Lawrence’s
  • IX. Romeo and Juliet At Parting

Three songs for Soprano and Tuba (4’) ….. Rodger Vaughan
- Poems by John Updike

  • I. The Clan
  • II. Lament, For Cocoa
  • III. Recital
  • Keturah Heard, soprano

Three More Furies for Solo Tuba (10’) ….. James Grant

  • I. Fury VII –Exuberant
  • II. Fury VIII – Expressive
  • III. Fury IX – Doggedly

Tuba Sonatina No. 1 (12’) ….. Benoit Glazer

  • I. Joyous Orlando
  • II. Love and Sadness
  • III. Orlando Strong