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Recording Date

Spring 3-19-2019



Esther Waite, flute
Gabriela Chihaescu, harp
Sabrina Parry, violin
Mathew Ward, DMA student conductor
Carlos Riazuelo, conductor

Romanian Folk Dances for orchestra, Sz. 68 (8’) ….. Béla Bartók

  • Jocul cu bâta (“Stick Dance”)
  • Brâul (“Sash Dance”)
  • Pe loc (“In One Spot”)
  • Buciumeana (“Dance from Bucsum”)
  • Poarga Româneasca (“Romanian Polka”)
  • Maruntel (“Fast Dance”)
  • Mathew Ward, DMA candidate, conductor

Concerto for flute and harp, LRC 286b (18’) ….. Dinos Constantinides

  • Reflections
  • Hymn
  • Dance
  • Esther Waite, flute,
  • Gabriela Chihaescu-Werries, harp

Carlos Riazuelo, conductor

Little Suite for strings, op. 27 (15’) ….. Chris Lowry

  • Introduction and Sonatina
  • Canción
  • March and Scherzo
  • Rondo
  • Carlos Riazuelo, conductor
  • Side by side with The Runnels School String Orchestra. This piece is dedicated to them.

Concerto for violin and orchestra, op. 14 (12’) ….. Samuel Barber

  • Allegro moderato
  • Sabrina Parry, violin
  • LSU School of Music 2019 Concerto Competition 2nd Prize Winner
  • Carlos Riazuelo, conductor