Submissions from 2020

An Exploration of Contributor-Created Description Field in Participatory Archives, Ana Roeschley, Jeonghyun Kim, and Oksana L. Zavalina

An Exploration of How the Resourcing of Staff and Book Purchasing Affects the Development of China’s Public School Libraries in Guangzhou, Wenyan Zhang, Mengmeng Ji, Hui Wang, Chenglong Zhang, Sheng Xu, Yejun Wu, and Fei Song

Submissions from 2019


“The right information”: Perceptions of information bias among Black Wikipedians, Boryung Ju and Brenton Stewart

“Something that feels like a community”: the role of personal stories in building community-based participatory archives, Ana Roeschley and Jeonghyun Kim


What drives Black contributions to Wikipedia?, Brenton Stewart and Boryung Ju


Racial Climate and Inclusiveness in Academic Libraries: Perceptions of Welcomeness among Black College Students, Brenton Stewart, Boryung Ju, and Kaetrena Davis Kendrick

Creating a Security Methods Taxonomy for Information Resource Management, Yejun Wu and Fansong Meng


@Houstonpolice: an exploratory case of Twitter during Hurricane Harvey, Seungwon Yang and Brenton Stewart

Submissions from 2018

Exploring research data management from a data user’s perspective, Yejun Wu and Fernando Loizides

Submissions from 2017


Cheryl Knott. Not Free, Not for All: Public Libraries in the Age of Jim Crow, Brenton Stewart

A Pilot Study on Comparing and Extracting Impact Relations, Yejun Wu and Li Yang

Submissions from 2015


“To Support the Southern Medical Public”: The Medical College of Georgia as a Southern Information Agency, 1828–1861, Brenton Stewart

Construction and evaluation of an oil spill semantic relation taxonomy for supporting knowledge discovery, Yejun Wu

Formative and summative evaluation of a large topic map as a self-regulated learning tool, Yejun Wu

Submissions from 2013

A preliminary study on the curriculum overlap and gap between LIS education and intelligence education, Yejun Wu

Creating a large topic map by integrating Wandora and Ontopia, Yejun Wu

Indexing historical political cartoons for retrieval, Yejun Wu

Research and development of a financial e-training system based on knowledge discovery technology - from structured resource processing to trainee-oriented navigation, Yejun Wu

Strengthening intelligence education with information-processing and knowledge-organization competencies, Yejun Wu