Phase-Coherent Control of Interface Magnetization and Spin-Charge Currents in Topological Superconducting Junctions: Interface Magnetization and Currents in Topological Junctions

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We study the formation and control of magnetization and currents at the interface of heterostructures based on chiral spin-triplet and spin-singlet superconductors. The inversion symmetry breaking at the interface can drive the formation of magnetic edge states that are dependent on the spin-triplet order parameter, the interface potential, and the phase mismatch across the junction. We investigate the direct consequences of the emergent magnetic effects and in particular the potential to control the conversion of charge- into spin-currents and vice versa, as they flow along the edge and transverse to the Josephson current, thus indicating the possibility of non-dissipative superconducting spin-Hall like effects. We envision the potential to design a coherent switching of the interface magnetization through Josephson currents. Such physical platform can be employed for achieving superconducting memories by functionalizing a magnetic degree of freedom that is generated by interfacing spin-triplet and spin-singlet superconductors.

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2017 16th International Superconductive Electronics Conference, ISEC 2017

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