Transmission of electromagnetic radiation through an electron inversion layer of finite thickness in a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure

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We investigate the transmission coefficient for propagation of electromagnetic radiation, of frequency ω, through an electron inversion layer, of finite thickness d, in the metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure. The corresponding result in the case where the inversion layer is treated as infinitely thin (two-dimensional electron gas) has been given by Chiu et al. Subject to the assumptions ωd/c ≪ 1 and constant density, it is possible to establish a point of contact between the finite d result and the Chiu et al. result. This comparison demonstrates that it is a good approximation to treat the inversion layer as a two-dimensional system and also provides a recipe for the calculation of the surface conductivity σ(2), viz. σ(2) = σd, where σ is the three-dimensional conductivity. © 1982.

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Physica B+C

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