The LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts is a performing arts community that trains, cultivates, prepares, and rewards excellent artists, educators, scholars, and performers fostering passion for the arts, collaboration and the creation of new works. We engage with our community, heightening our collective ability to communicate with expressive power and purpose. LSU is a national flagship institution with world class intellectual and creative resources. Situated on the Mississippi River, LSU and the dynamic city of Baton Rouge represent the best of Louisiana’s vibrant, evocative and diverse culture. Baton Rouge has earned a reputation for being a nexus of business and industry, with a metropolitan area population of nearly 800,000 citizens.

The LSU School of Music offers a comprehensive music program with nearly 400 majors. It has over 50 faculty, 20 professional staff and 90 graduate assistants. It sponsors over 300 recitals, concerts, operas, and lectures each academic year. Degrees offered include the PhD (with concentrations in composition, music education, musicology and music theory), DMA (concentrations in choral conducting, performance, orchestral conducting, wind conducting), MM, BM, BME and BAM (Liberal Arts).


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