Submissions from 2022

Candidate Aggression and Gendered Voter Evaluations, Nichole M. Bauer, Nathan P. Kalmoe, and Erica B. Russell


News for the Rich, White, and Blue: How Place and Power Distort American Journalism, Joshua P. Darr

Representation and Aggression in Digital Racial Conflict: Analyzing Public Comments during Live-Streamed News of Racial Justice Protests, Nathan P. Kalmoe, P. Brooks Fuller, Martina Santia, and Paromita Saha


(Electronic) Mailing the Editor: Emails, Message Boards and Early Interactive Web Design in the 1990s, Will Mari


The digital divide in the US criminal justice system, Fanny Ramirez


The Intersection of Candidate Gender and Ethnicity: How Voters Respond to Campaign Messages from Latinas, Martina Santia and Nichole M. Bauer


Black cultural projection: an analysis of major daily news coverage of successful black mayoral campaigns in major US Cities, David L. Stamps, Shaniece Bickham, Sheryl Kennedy Haydel, and Jinx Coleman Broussard

Submissions from 2021

“I Didn't Know How We Were Going to Survive”: U.S. Community Newspapers’ Resilience During COVID-19, Teri Finneman, Will Mari, and Ryan J. Thomas

Partisanship in the #MeToo Era, Mirya R. Holman and Nathan P. Kalmoe

Does cluttered social media environment hurt advertising effectiveness? The moderation of ad types and personalization, A-Reum Jung and Jun Heo

Genes, Ideology, and Sophistication, Nathan P. Kalmoe and Martin Johnson

Submissions from 2020


A Metacognitive Approach to Reconsidering Risk Perceptions and Uncertainty: Understand Information Seeking During COVID-19, Yan Huang and Chun Yang

Disavowing White Identity: How Social Disgust can Change Social Identities, Ashley Jardina, Nathan Kalmoe, and Kimberly Gross

With Ballots and Bullets, Nathan Kalmoe

Disrespectful Democracy: The Psychology of Political Incivility. By Emily Sydnor. New York: Columbia University Press, 2019. 256p. $90.00 cloth, $30.00 paper., Nathan P. Kalmoe

Uses and Abuses of Ideology in Political Psychology, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Submissions from 2019

Speaking of Parties… Dueling Views in a Canonical Measure of Sophistication, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Submissions from 2018

Seeing Through the Avatar’s Eyes: Effects of Point-of-View and Gender Match on Identification and Enjoyment, Arienne Ferchaud and Meghan S. Sanders

Submissions from 2017

YouTube for Good: A Content Analysis and Examination of Elicitors of Self-Transcendent Media, Katherine R. Dale, Arthur A. Raney, Sophie H. Janicke, Meghan S. Sanders, and Mary Beth Oliver

Digital news-seeking during wartime: Unobtrusive measures of Pakistani and American attention to drone strikes, Nathan Kalmoe

Mobilizing Voters with Aggressive Metaphors, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Toward Conflict or Compromise? How Violent Metaphors Polarize Partisan Issue Attitudes, Nathan P. Kalmoe, Joshua R. Gubler, and David A. Wood

Fandom and the search for meaning: Examining communal involvement with popular media beyond pleasure., Mina Tsay-Vogel and Meghan S. Sanders

Submissions from 2016

Beyond Heroes and Villains: Examining Explanatory Mechanisms Underlying Moral Disengagement, Meghan S. Sanders and Mina Tsay-Vogel

Submissions from 2015

Violent Rhetoric in Protracted Group Conflicts, Joshua R. Gubler and Nathan P. Kalmoe

Them’s Fightin’ Words: The Effects of Violent Rhetoric on Ethical Decision Making in Business, Joshua R. Gubler, Nathan P. Kalmoe, and David A. Wood

Mixed Emotions: Beyond Fear and Hatred in International Conflict, by Andrew A. G. Ross, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Submissions from 2014

Them’s Fightin’ Words: The Effects of Violent Rhetoric on Ethical Decision Making in Business, Joshua R. Gubler, Nathan P. Kalmoe, and David A. Wood

Fueling the Fire: Violent Metaphors, Trait Aggression, and Support for Political Violence, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Trait aggression in two representative U.S. surveys: Testing the generalizability of college samples, Nathan P. Kalmoe

Polarizing Partisans and the Prejudiced with Violent Metaphors, Nathan P. Kalmoe, Joshua R. Gubler, and David A. Wood

Submissions from 2013

Is Implicit Prejudice against Blacks Politically Consequential? Evidence from the AMP, Nathan P. Kalmoe and Spencer Piston

Submissions from 2012

From Fistfights to Firefights: Trait Aggression and Support for State Violence, Nathan P. Kalmoe

An Examination of African Americans' Stereotyped Perceptions of Fictional Media Characters, Meghan S. Sanders and Srividya Ramasubramanian

Submissions from 2011

Bridging the gap between time and space: Examining the impact of commercial length and frequency on advertising effectiveness, Yongick Jeong, Meghan Sanders, and Xinshu Zhao

Submissions from 2010

Making a Good (Bad) Impression: Examining the Cognitive Processes of Disposition Theory to Form a Synthesized Model of Media Character Impression Formation, Meghan S. Sanders