Submissions from 2002


Review of The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-semitism in a German Town, Michael F. Russo


Review of Tuxedo Park, Michael F. Russo

Review of the book: Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics, Frederic Spotts

Demographic trends affecting professional technical services staffing in arl libraries, S.J. Wilder

Submissions from 2001

A formal mentoring program in a University Library: components of a successful experiment, Lois Kuyper-Rushing


Review of Interrogations: the Nazi elite in Allied hands, Michael F. Russo


Review of Masquerade: Dancing Around Death in Nazi-Occupied Hungary, Michael F. Russo


Review of Silent Night: the Remarkable 1914 Christmas Truce, Michael F. Russo


Review of The Algeria Hotel: France, Memory, and the second World War, Michael F. Russo


Review of The Healing Wound: Experiences and Reflections, Germany, 1938-2000, Michael F. Russo

Submissions from 2000

A simple method for producing core scientific and technical journal title lists, S.J. Wilder

Submissions from 1999

Identifying Uniform Core Journal Titles for Music Libraries: A Dissertation Citation Study, L. Kuyper-Rushing

Submissions from 1998

Scientific and technical serials holdings optimization in an inefficient market: A LSU serials redesign project exercise, S.J. Bensman and S.J. Wilder

BOOK REVIEWS, Robert C. Ward and Lois Kuyper-rushing

Reflections, Stanley J. Wilder

Submissions from 1997

International Directory of Music and Music Education Institutions, 1996: Details of Higher Music and Music Education Qualifications at 3,182 Institutions in 146 Countries, Lois Kuyper-Rushing and Graham A. R. Bartle

Submissions from 1996

BOOK REVIEWS, Bobby Ferguson, Lee Shiflett, and Lois Kuyper-Rushing

Networking and Cooperation Within the Music Library Association, Lois Kuyper-Rushing

Generational change and the niche for librarians, Stanley Wilder

Submissions from 1995

Student assistants: Achieving the right balance, S.N. Wilder

Submissions from 1993

"Reference Books in the Music Section" and "Thematic indexes used in formulating Uniform Titles, Lois Kuyper-Rushing

Louisiana's gift horse: Funding library acquisitions with bond money, S. Wilder