About This Journal

The Journal of Critical Digital Librarianship publishes, promotes, and builds community around cultural heritage digital library work, especially critical approaches to these and similar topics:
  • Selection for Digitization
  • Metadata Remediation / Context for Harm Reduction
  • Digital Humanities / Digital Scholarship
  • Collections as Data
  • Digital Library Technology
We are particularly interested in work that integrates feminist, antiracist, anticolonial, queer, and other critical frameworks to digital librarianship.

Open Peer Review Process

Because we believe critical approaches to digital librarianship require community-building among practitioners and scholars, the JCDL will operate under an open peer review model. Inspired by both Code4Lib Journal and In the Library with the Lead Pipe, our process is as follows:
  1. Authors submit article through submission portal
  2. Reviewed by editors to determine appropriateness for the JCDL
  3. Assigned 2-3 reviewers (see our reviewers here)
  4. Intro email to author and reviewers, so everyone knows who they’re working with
  5. 1st round of reviews/proposed edits offered to author
  6. Optional phone call/Zoom call with reviewers and author
  7. Author implements changes, or explains why not
  8. 2nd round of reviews/proposed edits offered to author
  9. Author implements changes, or explains why not
  10. Editor, in conversation with reviewers, makes final decision about inclusion in JCDL
  11. Final copy editing and typesetting
  12. Article published in next issue of JCDL