Review of Anillinus, with descriptions of 17 new species and a key to soil and litter species (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidini)

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The subtribe Anillina in southeastern United States includes the genera Serranillus and Anillinus, both of which are endemic to the region. Serranillus contains two species, S. jeanneli Barr, the type-species and S. dunavani (Jeannel), new combination, transferred from Anillinus. Both occur in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Anillinus contains 28 species, 11 previously described from southeastern U. S., east of the Mississippi River and the following 17 described here as new species: A. balli (SE. Kentucky), A. barri (E. Tennessee), A. cornelli (W. North Carolina, N. South Carolina), A. daggyi (North Carolina), A. docwatsoni (North Carolina), A. erwini (W. North Carolina), A. folkertsi (SW. Alabama), A. kovariki (N. Florida), A. langdoni (E. Tennessee), A. lescheni (E. Oklahoma), A. loweae (W. North and South Carolina, E. Tennessee), A. magazinensis (W. Arkansas), A. moseleyae (W. North Carolina, E. Tennessee), A. murrayae (W. North Carolina), A. robisoni (W. Arkansas), A. stephani (E. Oklahoma), and A. tishechkini (W. Arkansas). A neotype is designated for A. elongatus Jeannel. Species are arranged in groups on the basis of microsculpture and morphometric characters. Trends and correlations in general body form and proportions, microsculpture patterns, aedeagal morphology, and distributions are discussed.

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Coleopterists Bulletin

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