Books from 2023

Strangely Rhetorical: Composing Differently with Novelty Devices, Jimmy Butts

Books from 2022

In Our Time: Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism, J. Gerald Kennedy

Books from 2021

1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, V. 26, Kevin L. Cope

Hemispheres and Stratospheres: The Idea and Experience of Distance in the International Enlightenment, Kevin Lee Cope

The Other 1980s: Reframing Comics' Crucial Decade, Brannon Costello

Books from 2020

American Presidents and Oliver Stone: Kennedy, Nixon, and Bush Between History and Cinema, Carl Howard Freedman

After Authority: Global Art Cinema and Political Transition, Kalling Heck

The Voice of James M. Cain: A Biography, David Madden

Postcolonial Disaster: Narrating Catastrophe in the Twenty-First Century, Pallavi Rastogi

Victorians on Broadway: Literature, Adaptation, and the Modern American Musical, Sharon Aronofsky Weltman

Books from 2019

Absence Like Sun, Vincent A. Cellucci

1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, Kevin L. Cope

Monstrosity, Disability, and the Posthuman in the Medieval and Early Modern World, Richard H. Godden

The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergence of Sexuality, Benjamin Kahan

The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe, J. Gerald Kennedy

Civil Vengeance: Literature, Culture, and Early Modern Revenge, Emily L. King

Books from 2018

Early Modern English Literature and the Poetics of Cartographic Anxiety, Chris Barrett

Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720-1955: Linguistic Practices of the Catholic Church, Sylvie Dubois and Malcolm Richardson

The Roles of Vowel Fronting, Lengthening, and Listener Variables in the Perception of Vocal Femininity, Irina A. Shport

Lexical access in English-Spanish bilinguals, Irina A. Shport, Dorian Dorado, and Marı́a Gabriela Puscama

The Room is on Fire: The History, Pedagogy, and Practice of Youth Spoken Word Poetry, Susan Weinstein

Aristotle's Poetics, Michelle Zerba

Books from 2017

Neon Visions: The Comics of Howard Chaykin, Brannon Costello

Understanding John Guare, William W. Demastes

Campus Crisis: How Money, Technology and Policy Are Changing the American University, James Daniel Hardy and Ann Martin

Dis-Orienting Planets: Racial Representations of Asia in Science Fiction, Isiah Lavender III

Staging Women's Lives in Academia: Gendered Life Stages in Language and Literature Workplaces, Michelle Annette Massé

Books from 2016

The Best American Short Plays, 2014-2015, William W. Demastes

Heinrich Kaan's "Psychopathia Sexualis" (1844): A Classic Text in the History of Sexuality, Benjamin Kahan

Strange Nation: Literary Nationalism and Cultural Conflict in the Age of Poe, J. Gerald Kennedy

Political Monsters and Democratic Imagination: Spinoza, Blake, Hugo, Joyce, Patrick McGee

Ghosts in Popular Culture and Legend, June Michele Pulliam

Richard Matheson's Monsters: Gender in the Stories, Scripts, Novels, and Twilight Zone Episodes, June Michele Pulliam

Perceptual assimilation and discrimination of falling, level, and rising lexical tones by native English speakers, Irina Shport


In the City of Falling Stars, Chris Tusa

Books from 2015

Conversations with Michael Chabon, Michael Chabon

The Best American Short Plays 2013-2014, William W. Demastes

Complicated Grief, Laura Mullen

Perception of acoustic cues to Tokyo Japanese pitch-accent contrasts in native Japanese and näıve English listeners, Irina A. Shport

The Deepest Rooms, Randolph Thomas

Books from 2014

Best Monologues from Best American Short Plays, William W. Demastes

The Best American Short Plays 2012-2013, William W. Demastes

Encyclopedia of the Zombie: The Walking Dead in Popular Culture and Myth, Anthony J. Fonseca

The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 5: The American Novel to 1870, J. Gerald Kennedy

Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction, Isiah Lavender III

Domestic Manners of the Americans, Elsie B. Michie

Variation in prosodic phonology: Individual differences in production of the pitch-accent contrast, Irina Shport

Lexical and phrasal prominence patterns in school-aged children's speech, Irina A. Shport and Melissa A. Redford

Dispensations: Stories, Randolph Thomas

Books from 2013

The Sensational Centuries: Essays on the Enhancement of Sense Experience in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries, Kevin Lee Cope

Folklore Recycled: Old Traditions in New Contexts, Frank A. de Caro

Stories of Our Lives: Memory, History, Narrative, Frank A. de Caro

The Cambridge Introduction to Tom Stoppard, William W. Demastes

Pop Corpse, Lara Glenum

Celibacies: American Modernism and Sexual Life, Benjamin Kahan

Books from 2012

Comics and the U.S. South, Brannon Costello

The Best American Short Plays 2010-2011, William W. Demastes

The Age of Nixon: A Study in Cultural Power, Carl Howard Freedman

Poe and the Remapping of Antebellum Print Culture, J. Gerald Kennedy

On Absalom, Absalom! : A Guide through Myriad-Minded Faulkner, David Madden

Bad History and the Logics of Blockbuster Cinema: Titanic, Gangs of New York, Australia, Inglourious Basterds, Patrick McGee

Children fs Productions of Multi-Syllabic Lexical Stress Patterns in Different Prosodic Positions, Irina Shport

Doubt and Skepticism in Antiquity and the Renaissance, Michelle Zerba

Books from 2011

Dracula in Visual Media: Film, Television, Comic Book and Electronic Game Appearances, 1921-2010, John Edgar Browning

Howard Chaykin: Conversations, Brannon Costello

"Light of My Life" : Love, Time and Memory in Nabokov's Lolita, James Daniel Hardy and Ann Martin

Wright Morris Territory: A Treasury of Work, David Madden

The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses, Materialism, and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James, Elise Browning Michie

Composing Selves: Southern Women and Autobiography, Peggy Whitman Prenshaw

Cross-linguistic perception and learning of Japanese lexical prosody by English listeners, Irina Shport

Submissions from 2010

Word-level prosody in Balsas Nahuatl: The origin, development, and acoustic correlates of tone in a stress accent language, Susan G. Guion, Jonathan D. Amith, Christopher S. Doty, and Irina A. Shport

Over Ten Million Served: Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces, Michelle Annette Massé

Afro-Cuban Diasporas in the Atlantic World, Solimar Otero

Going North, Thinking West: The Intersections of Social Class, Critical Thinking, and Politicized Writing Instruction, Irvin Peckham

Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles, Panthea Reid

Books from 2009

Draculas, Vampires, and Other Undead Forms: Essays on Gender, Race, and Culture, John Edgar Browning

The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara & Lenin Play Chess, Andrei Codrescu

Anthology of American Folktales and Legends, Frank de Caro

Conversations with Samuel R. Delany, Carl Freedman

Approaches to Teaching Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Other Works, John Lowe

Theory and the Common from Marx to Badiou, Patrick McGee

Ms. Mentor's New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia, Emily Toth

Dirty Little Angels, Christopher Tusa

Feel These Words: Writing in the Lives of Urban Youth, Susan Weinstein

Books from 2008

The Folklore Muse: Poetry, Fiction, and Other Reflections by Folklorists, Frank A. de Caro

Comedy Matters: From Shakespeare to Stoppard, William W. Demastes

Spalding Gray's America, William W. Demastes

Conversations with Ursula K. Le Guin, Carl Howard Freedman

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket and Related Tales, J. Gerald Kennedy

Louisiana Culture from the Colonial Era to Katrina, John Lowe

Realism, Photography, and Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Daniel Akiva Novak

Afrindian Fictions: Diaspora, Race, and National Desire in South Africa, Pallavi Rastogi

Before Windrush: Recovering an Asian and Black Literary Heritage Within Britain, Pallavi Rastogi

Acquisition of Japanese pitch accent by American learners, Irina A. Shport

The effect of segmental structure on F0 patterns of words in Tokyo Japanese, Irina A. Shport and Susan G. GuIoN

東京語の単語における F0 パターンに対する分節構造の影響, Irina SHPORT and Susan G. Guion

Books from 2007

Plantation Airs: Racial Paternalism and the Transformations of Class in Southern Fiction, 1945-1971, Brannon Costello

Interrogating America Through Theatre and Performance, William W. Demastes

From Shane to Kill Bill: Rethinking the Western, Patrick McGee