Effect of spacer layer thickness on tunneling characteristics in asymmetric AlAs/GaAs/AlAs double barrier structures

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We present a first-time study of the effects of variable thickness undoped spacer layers of asymmetric AlAs/GaAs/AlAs double barrier structures on resonant tunneling current-voltage (I-V) characteristics. Although tunneling characteristics are only observed in the negative voltage sweep of the I-V curve, these structures do exhibit increased current density (jp) with increased spacer layer thickness (Lsp) until a threshold thickness of Lsp > 10 nm is reached. Above Lsp = 10 nm, current density decreases. A modified asymmetric double barrier structure with reduced overall emitter-collector layer thickness was also examined. The latter provided insight into sample optimization as more prominent resonant tunneling characteristics were observed in comparison to the original structures. © 1995.

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Solid State Electronics

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