Complexation studies of water-soluble calixarenes and auramine O dye

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The dye, Auramine O, whose fluorescence is sensitive to its microenvironment, is used to study the complexation properties of the host molecules, calix[6]arene sulfonates. Complexation between the dye and the sulfonated calixarenes has been characterized by use of absorption and steady state fluorescence measurements. A comparison study of the calixarenes and the monomers suggests that the observed shifts of the absorption and the fluorescence of Auramine O are due to complex formation. In addition, the fluorescence of Auramine O is enhanced as a result of its association with calixarenes. Fluorescence intensities in the absence and presence of calixarenes are employed to calculate formation constants of the inclusion complexes. The stoichiometric ratio for both SCX6/AuO and SCXO-C5H11/AuO is 1:1. The formation constants for these complexes are estimated to be 1.24 × 104 M-1 and 1.53 × 104 M-1, respectively.

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Supramolecular Chemistry

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