Imidazolium-dysprosium-based magnetic NanoGUMBOS for isolation of hemoglobin

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© 2019 A novel imidazolium-dysprosium-based magnetic nanomaterial, i.e. [C16mim]5[Dy(SCN)8] nanoGUMBOS (nanomaterials fabricated from a group of uniform material based on organic salts), was prepared using a facile method for selective hemoglobin (Hb) isolation. In this nanomaterial, the imidazolium cation serves as a selective Hb affinity group, while dysprosium contributes paramagnetic properties. Through a combination of the advantages of ionic liquids, magnetic adsorbent, and nanoscale solid phase extraction, [C16mim]5[Dy(SCN)8] nanoGUMBOS exhibit great selectivity toward Hb and a favorable extraction efficiency of 95.4% when 1 mL of 100 μg/mL Hb solution is processed with 0.6 mg of [C16mim]5[Dy(SCN)8] nanoGUMBOS. As the Hb concentration increased to 800 μg/mL, the adsorption capacity approached ∼840 μg/mg. The adsorbed protein is recovered with an elution efficiency of 87% by using 1% SDS solution. This novel nanoGUMBOS solid-phase extraction procedure was successfully applied to selective isolation of Hb from human whole blood and verified using SDS-PAGE. This simple strategy is a novel approach towards fabrication and use of a nanoadsorbent for selective isolation of proteins.

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