Determination of substituent chemical shifts in the proton resonance spectra of the porphyrins

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Reproducible proton chemical shifts in the porphyrin series are obtained when the spectrum is measured in chloroform using the zinc (II) complex of the porphyrin in the presence of an excess of pyrrolidine. This method is specifically demonstrated for the case of 2,4‐dicyanodeuteroporphyrin‐IX dimethyl ester which, as the free base, shows dramatic effects due to aggregation phenomena. The shifts obtained using the zinc (II) complex plus pyrrolidine method, which allow compilation of substituent chemical shifts in the porphyrin series, are shown to be the same as the less easily accessible infinite dilution shifts of the porphyrin free bases. Copyright © 1978 Heyden & Son Ltd.

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Organic Magnetic Resonance

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