Laser photoelectron spectroscopy of the formyl anion

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The 488 nm photoelectron spectra of HCO- and DCO- show vibrational structure in the X̃ 2A′ state of neutral formyl radical up to 10 000 cm-1 above the vibrational ground state. Electron affinities are found to be 0.313±0.005 eV for HCO and 0.301±0.005 eV for DCO. The CH bond strength and heat of formation of HCO- and the gas phase acidity of formaldehyde are derived from these data. A Franck-Condon analysis of the photoelectron spectra provides an estimate of the equilibrium geometry of the anion. Transitions to excited vibrational states of HCO enable the determination of a complete set of quadratic anharmonicities. © 1986 American Institute of Physics.

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The Journal of Chemical Physics

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