Integrated microfluidic system for proteomics using mixed-scale structures and MALDI-TOF-MS

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A typical sample processing pipeline for proteomics entails a series of laborious and low throughput steps that often results in long analysis times and sample loss, thereby affecting the overall efficiency and outcome of the measurement. We have assembled a polymerbased microfluidic system that includes most of the protein processing steps into a single wafer and can be interfaced to several different mass spectrometer platforms for protein identification. The system was fabricated via micro-replication technologies from polymers and possessed the ability to analyze ∼900 proteins in a single sample in an automated fashion with a total processing time <1 h. © 2006 Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems.

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Micro Total Analysis Systems - Proceedings of MicroTAS 2006 Conference: 10th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences

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