Elucidating the surface compositions of Pd@Pt core-shell nanocrystals through catalytic reactions and spectroscopy probes

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The catalytic behaviors or properties of bimetallic catalysts are highly dependent on the surface composition, but it has been a grand challenge to acquire such information. In this work, we employ Pd@Pt core-shell nanocrystals with an octahedral shape and tunable Pt shell thickness as a model system to elucidate their surface compositions using catalytic reactions based upon the selective hydrogenation of butadiene and acetylene. Our results indicate that the surface of the core-shell nanocrystals changed from Pt-rich to Pd-rich when they were subjected to calcination under oxygen, a critical step involved in the preparation of many industrial catalysts. The inside-out migration can be attributed to both atomic interdiffusion and the oxidation of Pd atoms during the calcination process. The changes in surface composition were further confirmed using infrared and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. This work offers insightful guidance for the development and optimization of bimetallic catalysts toward various reactions.

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