Submissions from 2023

Fluorometric Characterization of DUB Activity: From Single-Enzyme Reactions to Live Intact Cells, Alireza Rahnama and Adam T. Melvin

Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers, Richard G. Rice

Submissions from 2022

Elucidating the Roles of Amorphous Alumina Overcoat in Palladium-Catalyzed Selective Hydrogenation, Divakar R. Aireddy, Haoran Yu, David A. Cullen, and Kunlun Ding

Effects of Weathering on Microplastic Dispersibility and Pollutant Uptake Capacity, Ahmed Al Harraq, Philip J. Brahana, Olivia Arcemont, Donghui Zhang, Kalliat T. Valsaraj, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Hydrolysis of Acetamide on Low-Index CeO Surfaces: Ceria as a Deamidation and General De-esterification Catalyst, Suman Bhasker-Ranganath and Ye Xu

Field-Induced Assembly and Propulsion of Colloids, Ahmed Al Harraq, Brishty Deb Choudhury, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

How Cargo Identity Alters the Uptake of Cell-Penetrating Peptide (CPP)/Cargo Complexes: A Study on the Effect of Net Cargo Charge and Length, Hannah C. Hymel, Alireza Rahnama, Olivia M. Sanchez, Dong Liu, Ted J. Gauthier, and Adam Melvin

Generation of 3D Spheroids Using a Thiol-Acrylate Hydrogel Scaffold to Study Endocrine Response in ER Breast Cancer, Anowar H. Khan, Sophia P. Zhou, Margaret Moe, Braulio A. Ortega Quesada, Khashayar R. Bajgiran, Haley R. Lassiter, James A. Dorman, Elizabeth C. Martin, John A. Pojman, and Adam T. Melvin


Resonant Plasmonic–Biomolecular Chiral Interactions in the Far-Ultraviolet: Enantiomeric Discrimination of sub-10 nm Amino Acid Films, Tiago Ramos Leite, Lin Zschiedrich, Orhan Kizilkaya, and Kevin M. McPeak

Emergent properties from CuPd alloy films under near-infrared excitation, Gregory A. Manoukian, Orhan Kizilkaya, Sergi Lendinez, Luis D. Manuel, Tiago R. Leite, Karunya S. Shirali, William A. Shelton, Phillip T. Sprunger, Jason B. Baxter, and Kevin M. McPeak

Adsorption and Catalytic Activity of Gold Nanoparticles in Mesoporous Silica: Effect of Pore Size and Dispersion Salinity, Yingzhen Ma, Gergely Nagy, Miriam Siebenbürger, Ravneet Kaur, Kerry M. Dooley, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

PD-1 and ICOS counter-regulate tissue resident regulatory T cell development and IL-10 production during flu, Michael C. McGee, Tianyi Zhang, Nicholas Magazine, Rezwanul Islam, Mariano Carossino, and Weishan Huang

Topologically Precise and Discrete Bottlebrush Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Structure-Property Relationships, Nduka D. Ogbonna, Michael Dearman, Cheng-Ta Cho, Bhuvnesh Bharti, Andrew J. Peters, and Jimmy Lawrence

Modular Framework for Simulation-Based Multi-objective Optimization of a Cryogenic Air Separation Unit, Bryan V. Piguave, Santiago D. Salas, Dany De Cecchis, and José A. Romagnoli

Co-culture of Two Different Cell Lines in a Two-Layer Microfluidic Device, Sharif M. Rahman, Elizabeth C. Martin, and Adam T. Melvin

Induction Heating of Magnetically Susceptible Nanoparticles for Enhanced Hydrogenation of Oleic Acid, Cameron L. Roman, Natalia da Silva Moura, Scott Wicker, Kerry M. Dooley, and James A. Dorman

Model-Based Investigation of the Relationship between Regulation Level and Pulse Property of I1-FFL Gene Circuits, Jordan Ryan, Seongho Hong, Mathias Foo, Jongmin Kim, and Xun Tang

Negatively Competitive Incoherent Feedforward Loops Mitigate Winner-Take-All Resource Competition, Austin Stone, Jordan Ryan, Xun Tang, and Xiao-Jun Tian

Divergence in the ABA gene regulatory network underlies differential growth control, Ying Sun, Dong-Ha Oh, Lina Duan, Prashanth Ramachandran, Andrea Ramirez, Anna Bartlett, Kieu-Nga Tran, Guannan Wang, Maheshi Dassanayake, and José R. Dinneny

Microfluidic Applications in Drug Development: Fabrication of Drug Carriers and Drug Toxicity Screening, Pei Zhao, Jianchun Wang, Chengmin Chen, Jianmei Wang, Guangxia Liu, Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, Yan Li, and Liqiu Wang

Submissions from 2021

Simultaneous Droplet Generation with In-Series Droplet T-Junctions Induced by Gravity-Induced Flow, Khashayar R. Bajgiran, Alejandro S. Cordova, Riad Elkhanoufi, James A. Dorman, and Adam Melvin

Fluorescent visualization of oil displacement in a microfluidic device for enhanced oil recovery applications, Khashayar R. Bajgiran, Hannah C. Hymel, Shayan Sombolestani, Nathalie Dante, Nora Safa, James A. Dorman, Dandina Rao, and Adam T. Melvin

Elucidating the Mechanism of Ambient-Temperature Aldol Condensation of Acetaldehyde on Ceria, Suman Bhasker-Ranganath, Md Saeedur Rahman, Chuanlin Zhao, Florencia Calaza, Zili Wu, and Ye Xu

Machine learning for guiding high-temperature PEM fuel cells with greater power density, Luis A. Briceno-Mena, Gokul Venugopalan, José A. Romagnoli, and Christopher G. Arges

Field-Driven Reversible Alignment and Gelation of Magneto-Responsive Soft Anisotropic Microbeads, Natasha I. Castellanos, Bhuvnesh Bharti, and Orlin D. Velev

Foamitizer: High ethanol content foams using fatty acid crystalline particles, Anne-Laure Fameau, Yingzhen Ma, Miriam Siebenbuerger, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Healthy Eating in Low-Income Rural Louisiana Parishes: Formative Research for Future Social Marketing Campaigns, Linda Fergus, Richie Roberts, and Denise Holston

Factors associated with phosphatidylethanol (PEth) sensitivity for detecting unhealthy alcohol use: An individual patient data meta-analysis, Judith A. Hahn, Pamela M. Murnane, Eric Vittinghoff, Winnie R. Muyindike, Nneka I. Emenyonu, Robin Fatch, Gabriel Chamie, Jessica E. Haberer, Joel M. Francis, Saidi Kapiga, et al.

Investigating the impact of in situ soil organic matter degradation through porewater spectroscopic analyses on marsh edge erosion, Michael P. Hayes, Yadav Sapkota, John R. White, and Robert L. Cook

Design and Evaluation of Synthetic RNA-Based Incoherent Feed-Forward Loop Circuits, Seongho Hong, Dohyun Jeong, Jordan Ryan, Mathias Foo, Xun Tang, and Jongmin Kim

Autism Detection in Children by Combined Use of Gaze Preference and the M-CHAT-R in a Resource-Scarce Setting, Kelly Jensen, Sassan Noazin, Leandra Bitterfeld, Andrea Carcelen, Natalia I. Vargas-Cuentas, Daniela Hidalgo, Alejandra Valenzuela, Avid Roman-Gonzalez, Casey Krebs, Vincent Clement, et al.

Development of a Flow-free Gradient Generator Using a Self-Adhesive Thiol-acrylate Microfluidic Resin/Hydrogel (TAMR/H) Hybrid System, Anowar H. Khan, Noah Mulherin Smith, Michael P. Tullier, B Seth Roberts, Derek Englert, John A. Pojman, and Adam T. Melvin

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition), Daniel J. Klionsky, Amal Kamal Abdel-Aziz, Sara Abdelfatah, Mahmoud Abdellatif, Asghar Abdoli, Steffen Abel, Hagai Abeliovich, Marie H. Abildgaard, Yakubu Princely Abudu, Abraham Acevedo-Arozena, et al.

Cabotegravir for HIV Prevention in Cisgender Men and Transgender Women, Raphael J. Landovitz, Deborah Donnell, Meredith E. Clement, Brett Hanscom, Leslie Cottle, Lara Coelho, Robinson Cabello, Suwat Chariyalertsak, Eileen F. Dunne, Ian Frank, et al.

Fabrication and Electric Field-Driven Active Propulsion of Patchy Microellipsoids, Jin Gyun Lee, Ahmed Al Harraq, Kyle J. Bishop, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

CoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy as an Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst in an Acidic Solution, Frank McKay, Yuxin Fang, Orhan Kizilkaya, Prashant Singh, Duane D. Johnson, Amitava Roy, David P. Young, Phillip T. Sprunger, John C. Flake, William A. Shelton, et al.

Empowering the caregiver network of farmers with a disability: A case study of the North Carolina AgrAbility project, Kristoff Minus, Janine Woods, Richie Roberts, Chastity English, and Beatriz Rodriguez

Catalytic Enhancement of Inductively Heated Fe O Nanoparticles by Removal of Surface Ligands, Natalia S. Moura, Khashayar R. Bajgiran, Cameron L. Roman, Luke Daemen, Yongqiang Cheng, Jimmy Lawrence, Adam T. Melvin, Kerry M. Dooley, and James A. Dorman

Nitrogen Sources and Iron Availability Affect Pigment Biosynthesis and Nutrient Consumption in sp. UTEX 2576, Daniel A. Norena-Caro, Tara M. Malone, and Michael G. Benton

Modifying Metastable SrBO (B = Nb, Ta, and Mo) Perovskites for Electrode Materials, Tochukwu Ofoegbuna, Benjamin Peterson, Natalia da Silva Moura, Roshan Nepal, Orhan Kizilkaya, Carsyn Smith, Rongying Jin, Craig Plaisance, John C. Flake, and James A. Dorman

Printed Electrode for Measuring Phosphate in Environmental Water, Alisha Prasad, Sushant P. Sahu, Sara Karoline Figueiredo Stofela, Ardalan Chaichi, Syed Mohammad Hasan, Wokil Bam, Kanchan Maiti, Kevin M. McPeak, Gang Logan Liu, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Characterization of PMI-5011 on the Regulation of Deubiquitinating Enzyme Activity in Multiple Myeloma Cell Extracts, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Yongmei Yu, Alireza Rahnama, Jacob H. Pettigrew, Nora Safa, Dong Liu, Ted J. Gauthier, Z Elizabeth Floyd, and Adam T. Melvin

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanostructures Formed by Hydrophobins and Oil in Seawater, Andrés A. Vodopivec, Yuwu Chen, Paul S. Russo, and Francisco R. Hung

Catalytic Depolymerization of Waste Polyolefins by Induction Heating: Selective Alkane/Alkene Production, Bernard Whajah, Natalia da Silva Moura, Justin Blanchard, Scott Wicker, Karleigh Gandar, James A. Dorman, and Kerry M. Dooley

Elucidating the surface compositions of Pd@Pt core-shell nanocrystals through catalytic reactions and spectroscopy probes, Peng Zhai, Yifeng Shi, Qiuxiang Wang, Younan Xia, and Kunlun Ding

Construction of Inverse Metal-Zeolite Interfaces via Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition, Peng Zhai, Laibao Zhang, David A. Cullen, Divakar R. Aireddy, and Kunlun Ding

Nonspecular Reflection of Droplets, Pingan Zhu, Chengmin Chen, Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, and Liqiu Wang

Submissions from 2020

Polymer Stereocomplexation as a Scalable Platform for Nanoparticle Assembly, Allison Abdilla, Neil D. Dolinski, Puck de Roos, Jing Ming Ren, Erika van der Woude, Soyoung E. Seo, Manuel S. Zayas, Jimmy Lawrence, Javier Read de Alaniz, and Craig J. Hawker


Probing the Surface Acidity of Supported Aluminum Bromide Catalysts, Md Ashraful Abedin, Swarom Kanitkar, Nitin Kumar, Zi Wang, Kunlun Ding, Graham Hutchings, and James J. Spivey

Deep Eutectic Solvents Mixed with Fluorinated Refrigerants for Absorption Refrigeration: A Molecular Simulation Study, Rubaiyet Abedin, Yan Shen, John C. Flake, and Francisco R. Hung

A reenvisioned agricultural system in Thailand: The growth in human capital experienced by agriculturalists after adoption of the sufficiency economic philosophy, Alexis C. Agard and Richie Roberts

Increasing aspect ratio of particles suppresses buckling in shells formed by drying suspensions, Ahmed Al Harraq and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Dipole-Modulated Downconversion Nanoparticles as Label-Free Biological Sensors, Khashayar R. Bajgiran, James A. Dorman, and Adam T. Melvin

Cellulose Nanocrystal-Polyelectrolyte Hybrids for Bentonite Water-Based Drilling Fluids, Paul Balding, Mei-Chun Li, Qinglin Wu, Ron Volkovinsky, and Paul Russo

Harnessing a decade of data to inform future decisions: Insights into the ongoing hydrocarbon release at Taylor Energy's Mississippi Canyon Block 20 (MC20) site, Wade L. Bryant, Richard Camilli, G Burch Fisher, Edward B. Overton, Christopher M. Reddy, Danny Reible, Robert F. Swarthout, and David L. Valentine

Lignin-graft-PLGA drug-delivery system improves efficacy of MEK1/2 inhibitors in triple-negative breast cancer cell line, C Ethan Byrne, Carlos E. Astete, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Adam T. Melvin, Mahsa Moradipour, Stephen E. Rankin, Barbara L. Knutson, Cristina M. Sabliov, and Elizabeth C. Martin

Structural variation and its potential impact on genome instability: Novel discoveries in the EGFR landscape by long-read sequencing, George W. Cook, Michael G. Benton, Wallace Akerley, George F. Mayhew, Cynthia Moehlenkamp, Denise Raterman, Daniel L. Burgess, William J. Rowell, Christine Lambert, Kevin Eng, et al.

Adsorption of Polarized Molecules for Interfacial Band Engineering of Doped TiO Thin Films, Pragathi Darapaneni, Orhan Kizilkaya, Craig Plaisance, and James A. Dorman

Active Reversible Swimming of Magnetically Assembled "Microscallops" in Non-Newtonian Fluids, Koohee Han, Charles Wyatt Shields, Bhuvnesh Bharti, Paulo E. Arratia, and Orlin D. Velev

A practical method for estimating specific refractive index increments for flexible non-electrolyte polymers and copolymers in pure and mixed solvents using the Gladstone-Dale and Lorentz-Lorenz equations in conjunction with molar refraction structural constants, and solvent physical property databases, Brian F. Hanley

Potential fate of wetland soil carbon in a deltaic coastal wetland subjected to high relative sea level rise, Benjamin J. Haywood, Michael P. Hayes, John R. White, and Robert L. Cook

Corrigendum to "An Investigation of Early Season River Flood Pulse: Carbon Cycling in a Subtropical Estuary" [Sci. Total Environ. (2018) 867-877/635], Benjamin J. Haywood, John R. White, and Robert L. Cook

Synthesis and characterization of thiol-acrylate hydrogels using a base-catalyzed Michael addition for 3D cell culture applications, Anowar H. Khan, Jeffery K. Cook, Wayne J. Wortmann, Nathan D. Kersker, Asha Rao, John A. Pojman, and Adam T. Melvin

Adsorption of Myoglobin and Corona Formation on Silica Nanoparticles, Jin Gyun Lee, Kelly Lannigan, William A. Shelton, Jens Meissner, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Microfluidics-Based Systems in Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Biomimetic Modeling, Yan Li, Danni Li, Pei Zhao, Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, Liqiu Wang, and Youqiang Song

Adsorption of Fatty Acid Molecules on Amine-Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles: Surface Organization and Foam Stability, Yingzhen Ma, Yao Wu, Jin Gyun Lee, Lilin He, Gernot Rother, Anne-Laure Fameau, William A. Shelton, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Synthesis of luminescent core/shell α-ZnP/ZnS quantum dots, Ingrid J. Paredes, Clara Beck, Scott Lee, Shuzhen Chen, Mersal Khwaja, Michael R. Scimeca, Shuang Li, Sooyeon Hwang, Zhen Lian, Kevin M. McPeak, et al.

Evaluation of intercellular communication between breast cancer cells and adipose-derived stem cells via passive diffusion in a two-layer microfluidic device, Sharif M. Rahman, Joshua M. Campbell, Rachael N. Coates, Katie M. Render, C Ethan Byrne, Elizabeth C. Martin, and Adam T. Melvin

Exploring students’ cultural competence development during a short-term international experience: A Q-sort study, Shelli Rampold, Bradley Coleman, J. C. Bunch, and Richie Roberts


Air quality improvement during triple-lockdown in the coastal city of Kannur, Kerala to combat Covid-19 transmission, C. T. Resmi, T. Nishanth, M. K. Satheesh Kumar, M. G. Manoj, M. Balachandramohan, and K. T. Valsaraj

Benefits of Using Service-Learning in the Preparation of Teachers: An Analysis of Agricultural Education Teacher Educators’ Beliefs and Intentions, Richie Roberts

Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Team-Based Learning During an Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Course: A Mixed Methods Study, Richie Roberts

A Noble-Transition Alloy Excels at Hot-Carrier Generation in the Near Infrared, Sara K. Stofela, Orhan Kizilkaya, Benjamin T. Diroll, Tiago R. Leite, Mohammad M. Taheri, Daniel E. Willis, Jason B. Baxter, William A. Shelton, Phillip T. Sprunger, and Kevin M. McPeak

Critical Coupling of Visible Light Extends Hot-Electron Lifetimes for HO Synthesis, Daniel E. Willis, Mohammad M. Taheri, Orhan Kizilkaya, Tiago R. Leite, Laibao Zhang, Tochukwu Ofoegbuna, Kunlun Ding, James A. Dorman, Jason B. Baxter, and Kevin M. McPeak

Strain Effect in Palladium Nanostructures as Nanozymes, Zheng Xi, Xun Cheng, Zhuangqiang Gao, Mengjing Wang, Tong Cai, Michelle Muzzio, Edwin Davidson, Ou Chen, Yeonwoong Jung, Shouheng Sun, et al.

Submissions from 2019

Static microdroplet array generated by spraying and analyzed with automated microscopy and image processing, Christian Danielson, Gavin Pappas, Lance Phelps, Adam T. Melvin, and Kidong Park

Directed Printing and Reconfiguration of Thermoresponsive Silica-pNIPAM Nanocomposites, Yusheng Guo, Jorge A. Belgodere, Yingzhen Ma, Jangwook P. Jung, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Directed propulsion of spherical particles along three dimensional helical trajectories, Jin Gyun Lee, Allan M. Brooks, William A. Shelton, Kyle J. Bishop, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Engineering a Bi-Conical Microchip as Vascular Stenosis Model, Yan Li, Jianchun Wang, Wei Wan, Chengmin Chen, Xueying Wang, Pei Zhao, Yanjin Hou, Hanmei Tian, Jianmei Wang, Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, et al.

pH-Induced reorientation of cytochrome c on silica nanoparticles, Jens Meissner, Yao Wu, Jacques Jestin, William A. Shelton, Gerhard H. Findenegg, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Stabilizing the B-site oxidation state in ABO perovskite nanoparticles, Tochukwu Ofoegbuna, Pragathi Darapaneni, Smriti Sahu, Craig Plaisance, and James A. Dorman

Deterrents to Service-Learning’s Use as a Method of Instruction in the Preparation of Agricultural Education Teachers: The Beliefs and Intentions of Teacher Educators, Richie Roberts

CPProtectides: Rapid uptake of well-folded β-hairpin peptides with enhanced resistance to intracellular degradation, Nora Safa, Jeffery C. Anderson, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Jacob H. Pettigrew, Gavin A. Pappas, Dong Liu, Ted J. Gauthier, and Adam T. Melvin

Direct measurement of deubiquitinating enzyme activity in intact cells using a protease-resistant, cell-permeable, peptide-based reporter, Nora Safa, Jacob H. Pettigrew, Ted J. Gauthier, and Adam T. Melvin

Population-based analysis of cell-penetrating peptide uptake using a microfluidic droplet trapping array, Nora Safa, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Shayan Sombolestani, Seleipiri Charles, and Adam T. Melvin

Luminescent nanomaterials for droplet tracking in a microfluidic trapping array, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Khashayar R Bajgiran, Pragathi Darapaneni, Nora Safa, James A. Dorman, and Adam T. Melvin

FluoroCellTrack: An algorithm for automated analysis of high-throughput droplet microfluidic data, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, Nora Safa, and Adam T. Melvin

An identified ensemble within a neocortical circuit encodes essential information for genetically-enhanced visual shape learning, Guo-Rong Zhang, Hua Zhao, Eui M. Choi, Michael Svestka, Xiaodan Wang, Aarti Nagayach, Anshuman Singh, Robert G. Cook, and Alfred I. Geller

Submissions from 2018

Microfluidic and Paper-Based Devices for Disease Detection and Diagnostic Research, Joshua M. Campbell, Joseph B. Balhoff, Grant M. Landwehr, Sharif M. Rahman, Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan, and Adam Melvin

A general synthesis approach for supported bimetallic nanoparticles via surface inorganometallic chemistry, Kunlun Ding, David A. Cullen, Laibao Zhang, Zhi Cao, Amitava D. Roy, Ilia N. Ivanov, and Dongmei Cao

Reconsidering the Analysis of Refractive-Index-Matched Polymer/Polymer/Solvent Tracer Diffusion Experiments, Brian F. Hanley

Investigation of an early season river flood pulse: Carbon cycling in a subtropical estuary, Benjamin J. Haywood, John R. White, and Robert L. Cook

Linear Mathematical Models in Chemical Engineering, Martin A. Hjortso

Biophysical analysis of fluid shear stress induced cellular deformation in a microfluidic device, Grant M. Landwehr, Andrew J. Kristof, Sharif M. Rahman, Jacob H. Pettigrew, Rachael Coates, Joseph B. Balhoff, Ursula L. Triantafillu, Yonghyun Kim, and Adam T. Melvin

Binding of Lignin Nanoparticles at Oil-Water Interfaces: An Ecofriendly Alternative to Oil Spill Recovery, Jin Gyun Lee, Luke L. Larive, Kalliat T. Valsaraj, and Bhuvnesh Bharti

Diffusion of Rodlike Polymers: Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo NMR of Poly(γ-stearyl-α,l-glutamate) Solutions and the Importance of Helix Stability, Cornelia Rosu, Ernst von Meerwall, and Paul S. Russo

Principles of Environmental Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Kallait T. Valsarajis and Elizabeth M. Melvins

Elucidating the Impact of Molecular Structure on the F NMR Dynamics and MRI Performance of Fluorinated Oligomers, Cheng Zhang, Dong Sub Kim, Jimmy Lawrence, Craig J. Hawker, and Andrew K. Whittaker

Formation and elasticity of membranes of the class II hydrophobin Cerato-ulmin at oil-water interfaces, Xujun Zhang, Stephanie M. Kirby, Yuwu Chen, Shelley L. Anna, Lynn M. Walker, Francisco R. Hung, and Paul S. Russo

Submissions from 2017

Computational Evaluation of Mixtures of Hydrofluorocarbons and Deep Eutectic Solvents for Absorption Refrigeration Systems, Rubaiyet Abedin, Sharareh Heidarian, John C. Flake, and Francisco R. Hung