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© 2017 American Chemical Society. Constructing high-quality libraries of molecular building blocks is essential for successful fragment-based drug discovery. In this communication, we describe eMolFrag, a new open-source software to decompose organic compounds into nonredundant fragments retaining molecular connectivity information. Given a collection of molecules, eMolFrag generates a set of unique fragments comprising larger moieties, bricks, and smaller linkers connecting bricks. These building blocks can subsequently be used to construct virtual screening libraries for targeted drug discovery. The robustness and computational performance of eMolFrag is assessed against the Directory of Useful Decoys, Enhanced database conducted in serial and parallel modes with up to 16 computing cores. Further, the application of eMolFrag in de novo drug design is illustrated using the adenosine receptor. eMolFrag is implemented in Python, and it is available as stand-alone software and a web server at and

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Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

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