Policy improvements and farmers’ willingness to participate: Insights from the new round of China's Sloping Land Conversion Program

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© 2019 We use face-to-face interview survey data collected in 2017 from farmers located in Xinjiang province, China to identify influencing factors for willingness to adopt the new round of the Sloping Land Conversion Program (SLCP). Results indicate that socio-demographic characteristics and the livelihood endowment of rural households, policy improvements, and external supports influence farmers’ willingness to participate in the new round of the SLCP. We also find that it is essential to improve farmers’ off-farm skills and forestry management abilities, optimize the compensation scheme of the SLCP, and strengthen the supporting capacity of forestry specialized cooperatives to enhance farmers’ enthusiasm for participating in the new round of the SLCP. We discuss the implications of these findings.

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Ecological Economics

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