Strong Blue Emission from Sb 3+ -Doped Super Small CsPbBr 3 Nanocrystals

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Copyright © 2019 American Chemical Society. Colloidal lead halide perovskite nanocrystals (NCs) have high tunability in the visible light region and high photoluminescence quantum yields (PL QYs) for green and red emissions, but bright blue emission is still a challenge. Super small CsPbBr 3 perovskite NCs emit blue light around 460 nm with a narrow peak width, and they do not have the problem of phase separation like their Cl-Br counterparts. However, the blue emission from super small CsPbBr 3 NCs easily becomes green over time, and their PL QY is still low. The doping of Sb 3+ ions successfully reduced the surface energy, improved the lattice energy, passivated the defect states below the band gap, eventually boosted the PL QY of blue emission to 73.8%, and resulted in better spectral stability even at elevated temperatures in solution (40-100 °C). Its CIE coordinates were (0.14, 0.06), which are close to the primary blue color (0.155, 0.070) according to the NTSC TV color standard.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

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