Room Temperature Synthesis of All Inorganic Lead-Free Zero-Dimensional Cs4SnBr6 and Cs3KSnBr6 Perovskites

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© 2019 American Chemical Society. Lead halide perovskites are excellent candidates for photoelectronic and photovoltaic applications, but the toxicity from lead is extremely concerning. Recently, Sn-based zero-dimensional lead-free perovskites synthesized using solid-state reaction techniques have become a new focus in the field. Here, we report a simple room temperature antisolvent method for the synthesis of all inorganic lead-free green emissive Cs4SnBr6 (emission at 524 nm) and cyan emissive Cs3KSnBr6 (emission at 500 nm) zero-dimensional perovskites. Their photoluminescence quantum yields reach 20% and 35%, respectively. In addition, they maintain their emission for 46 and 55 h in the air, respectively, compared to only 5 min of CsSnBr3. This method provides a convenient way to do the research and apply these highly emissive perovskites.

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Inorganic Chemistry

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