Effects of top-dress formulations of suxibuzone and phenylbutazone on development of gastric ulcers in horses

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Eighteen mature, healthy horses were divided into three groups (six per group) receiving either no treatment, 15 consecutive days of phenylbutazone (PBZ), or 15 consecutive days of suxibuzone (SBZ) at recommended label doses. Horses underwent endoscopy before and after the treatment period and were assigned gastric ulcer scores. Gastric ulcer number and severity scores were similar across treatment groups. These findings suggest that when administered at the recommended label dose for 15 days, neither PBZ nor SBZ causes an increase in the number or severity of gastric ulcers over what would be expected with traditional stabling and intermittent feeding patterns. Also, PBZ-treated horses did not have more severe gastric ulcers than SBZ-treated horses, indicating that SBZ does not appear to offer an advantage over PBZ in preventing gastric ulcers when used at recommended label doses. However, ulcers in other regions of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., right dorsal colon, duodenum) were not evaluated in horses in this study.

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Veterinary therapeutics : research in applied veterinary medicine

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