Erythema Multiforme Major in a Dog Treated with Intravenous Human Immunoglobulin and Immunosuppressive Therapy.

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An ∼12 yr old castrated mixed-breed dog was evaluated for a 7 wk progressive history of intermittent hyporexia, lethargy, and erosive dermatitis. Initial examination revealed disseminated papules and macules coalescing to irregularly shaped and serpiginous plaques with widespread erosion progressing to ulceration. Skin histopathology revealed transepidermal keratinocyte apoptosis with lymphocyte satellitosis and lymphocytic and histiocytic interface infiltrate. Histopathology combined with clinical signs and history were compatible with the diagnosis of erythema multiforme major. Treatment was initiated with multidrug immunosuppression. Following 36 hr with no improvement, intravenous human immunoglobulin (0.45 mg/kg IV) was administered resulting in notable improvement in the dog's attitude and appetite within 2 hr and the dog's skin lesions within 48 hr. Following discharge, the dog improved daily with near complete resolution of dermatologic disease achieved 1 mo postdischarge. All immunosuppressive medications were ultimately discontinued 5 mo following presentation. This is the first report of a dog with erythema multiforme major that has been successfully treated with a combination of intravenous immunoglobulin and immunosuppression.

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Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association

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