Investigation and validation of a novel Endo GIA stapler for canine lung lobectomies

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The objectives of this study were to validate the 2.0 mm Endo GIA stapler for lung lobectomies and to compare procedural time and air leakage incidence with suture ligation. Sixteen canine cadavers, 18 to 27 kg, were randomly assigned to undergo lung lobectomy of the right middle lung lobe through intercostal thoracotomy, after which suture ligation or the 2.0 mm Endo GIA stapler was used. Procedural time was recorded. Following the lobectomy, the thoracic cavity was filled with fluid. Positive pressure ventilation was used to hold pressure at 20 cm HO for 5 minutes. The bronchus was assessed for air leakage as evidenced by visualization of gas bubbles and the ability to maintain positive pressure. Procedural time and air leakage incidence were compared between groups. By these assessments, the 2.0 mm Endo GIA stapler was successful for lung lobectomies in all cadavers. There was no significant difference (t = -0.856, = 0.407) in body weight by procedure assignment. Procedural time was significantly shorter ( < 0.0001) using the Endo GIA stapler compared to suture ligation. There was no significant correlation ( = 0.044, = 0.873) between body weight and procedural time. There were no incidents of air leakage in either group. The 2.0 mm Endo GIA stapler may be used as an alternative device for lung lobectomies in canine cadavers. Smaller staples may provide more complete compression of hilar vessels and bronchi, resulting in reduced hemorrhage, air leakage, and thoracic contamination in cases with infection or neoplasia.

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The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne

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