Long term outcome after laser assisted modified Forssell's in cribbing horses

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OBJECTIVE: To (1) report long-term outcome after laser assisted modified Forssell's procedure; (2) describe the prevalence of postoperative complications; and (3) identify risk factors associated with outcome. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series. ANIMALS: Horses (n = 119). METHODS: Medical records (1994-2012) of horses that had laser assisted modified Forssell's procedure were reviewed. Signalment, preoperative duration of cribbing, postoperative complications and outcome were recorded. RESULTS: Follow-up was available for 90 horses; 76 had stopped cribbing for >1 year. Of 14 horses that resumed cribbing, median relapse time was 6 months. Preoperative cribbing duration was significantly associated with an increased probability of unsuccessful outcome when horses cribbed for >3 years before surgery (odds ratio of positive outcome: OR = 0.14, 95% CI: 0.02, 0.95). Overall, 22.2% horses had postoperative complications (hematoma, seroma, infection, and prolonged drainage). CONCLUSIONS: Laser assisted modified Forssell's is a very effective (84.4%) surgical treatment of cribbing behavior in horses. Preoperative cribbing duration was identified as a significant risk factor associated with unsuccessful surgical outcome.

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Veterinary surgery : VS

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