Measuring statistical agreement between four point of care (POC) lactate meters and a laboratory blood analyzer in cats

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The use of blood lactate concentrations as a prognostic indicator and therapeutic gauge in feline medicine has been hindered by the inability to obtain values in a timely manner with minimal quantities of blood. Recently, hand-held point-of-care (POC) lactate meters have become commercially available. The objective of this prospective study was to determine if lactate values produced by three commercially available and one medical grade POC meter were in agreement with a laboratory blood analyzer. Blood samples from 47 cats were collected on presentation to an emergency service and processed on four POC meters and a Stat Profile Critical Care Xpress blood analyzer. The results were analyzed using the Bland-Altman method. The blood lactate values produced by the hospital grade POC meter and one of the commercially POC meters were in good agreement with the Critical Care Xpress blood analyzer. Other commercially available POC meters produced acceptable agreement.

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Journal of feline medicine and surgery

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