Distal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis in seven cattle using the Acutrak Plus screw

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OBJECTIVES: To report a technique for arthrodesis of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) with two 6.5 mm Acutrak Plus (AP) compression screws from a solar approach and outcome in 7 cattle. STUDY DESIGN: Case series. ANIMALS: Cattle (n=7) with DIPJ arthritis. METHODS: Retrieved data from medical records of cattle that had undergone DIPJ arthrodesis using 2 AP screws via a solar approach were signalment, history, clinical signs, preoperative blood work, preoperative radiographs, complications, postoperative radiographs, and postoperative lameness evaluation. Outcomes, assessed by owner interview 6-26 months after surgery, were classified as excellent, good, or poor. RESULTS: Fusion of the DIPJ was evident by 6 months. All cattle returned to full function with minimal lameness and normal appearance to the distal aspect of the limb. Four thoracic limbs and 3 pelvic limbs were affected; 3 medial and 4 lateral claws. Complications included moderate lameness associated with implants (n=2) that resolved after screw removal. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Use of the AP screw system in cattle is an excellent option for DIPJ arthrodesis with minimal postoperative morbidity and excellent return to function.

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Veterinary surgery : VS

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