Ovarian histopathology, pre- and post-operative endocrinological analysis and behavior alterations in 27 mares undergoing bilateral standing laparoscopic ovariectomy

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Determining if ovariectomy will abolish unwanted behaviors can be challenging in mares without ultrasonographic ovarian abnormalities and/or endocrine values not consistent with a granulosa cell tumor. The objective of the study was to identify mares that have a positive improvement in unwanted behaviors after elective standing laparoscopic ovariectomy and to determine if the change is associated with any pre- and post-operative endocrine profiles and/or with ovarian histological findings. During the study period 27 mares underwent a bilateral standing laparoscopic ovariectomy. Pre- and post-operative questionnaires and endocrine profiles, along with ovarian histopathology were performed and data were analyzed. Eighty-nine percent of clients were satisfied with the change in behavior after surgery. There were no significant associations between specific elevated hormones or absent luteal tissue with any specific unwanted behaviors. Pre-operative endocrine values were not predictive of post-operative owner satisfaction but bilateral ovariectomy for the treatment of unwanted behaviors in mares had a high likelihood of achieving owner satisfaction.

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The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne

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