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Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) offer potentially transformative and far-reaching impacts to the transportation system. However, realized benefits will be directly tied to how well agencies prepare for these technologies. This report documents efforts that support CAV preparatory actions in Louisiana and includes: (1) conducting a stakeholder survey to inform engagement activities to develop strategic partnerships in CAV deployment and (2) conducting crash analyses for deployment scenarios of CAV-based queue warning systems (QWSs).

An electronic survey was developed and disseminated to 273 Louisiana organizations. The purpose of the survey was to engage these organizations under the context of CAV planning and gauge their awareness, perception, and viewed importance of planning for CAV technologies. Survey results were clustered in three main groups: Group A—those uninformed of CAV technologies and do not believe they will impact their organization, Group B—those more informed but also do not believe their organization will be impacted, and Group C—those aware, positively perceive, and believe it is important to prepare. Results indicate a strong correlation between the level of awareness and perception of CAV technologies. Low awareness and perception by economic development, freight, and transit groups indicate areas of concern. Survey results were further analyzed utilizing a CAV-specific capability maturity framework, and recommendations were developed to engage stakeholders in planning efforts.

A crash analysis was conducted at four proposed locations across Louisiana to determine QWS suitability. The analysis utilized five-year historical crash data and focused on crash rate, severity level, manner of collision, and level of service of safety. Due to overrepresented rear-end crashes, QWSs may be suitable at the Jefferson Parish and West Baton Rouge Parish locations.

Each effort was prepared to be general and beneficial to transportation agencies involved in similar CAV activities.


Tran-SET Project: 19ITSLSU06