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State and local law enforcement agencies in the US strive to enforce weight restrictions on trucks and heavy vehicles travelling on public roads as a matter of public safety and as a way of safeguarding vital transportation infrastructure. This research aimed to identify plausible notification systems that can effectively communicate bridge load postings to dispatchers and drivers, investigate and suggest possible approaches to communicate potential detour routes, and identify corresponding enforcement methods required to successfully administer bridge load postings. This report discusses the current practices of bridge load posting notification and enforcement systems. Also, it presents an overview of the existing conditions of intelligent Transportation systems (ITS) in Louisiana that included: Traffic Management Centers (TMCs), Motorist Assistance Patrol (MAP) service, ITS devices, and technologies. A national survey was also conduct targeting US Departments of Transportation (DOTs) professionals and law enforcement agencies in USA to obtain their feedback and insights regarding the current bridge load posting notification and enforcement procedures/systems, its limitations and required modifications at their States. The results of this research suggest that improving the notification methods alone is not enough to ensure public compliance with posted weight limit on bridges, therefore, the enforcement methods need to be improved as well to enhance drivers’ compliance and to prolong the lifespan of bridges. The report concluded by providing recommendations that can improve the notification and enforcement systems to effectively communicate and administer bridge load postings


Tran-SET Project: 20ITSLSU17