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It is well established that older pedestrians and drivers with 65 years and above are among the most vulnerable road users. As the number and proportion of older road users (as drivers and pedestrians) grows in many countries, as well as their share in pedestrians’ and drivers’ crashes and injuries, it behooves transportation researchers to further investigate the safety and mobility challenges of older road users. This study aims mainly to provide a comprehensive investigation of older pedestrians’ and drivers’ safety challenges. To this end, a three-fold research approach is designed to thoroughly examine older road users’ safety challenges as pedestrians and drivers. First, crash data analysis identified significant risk factors causing/leading older drivers’ to be involved in vehicle crashes. Second, a driving simulator experiment was performed to further investigate the identified risky conditions from the crash data analysis and literature review. Third, a self-reported survey was conducted across the country to address pedestrians’ safety challenges, needs, and attitudes toward different pedestrian crossing facilities (i.e., signalized intersections, unsignalized intersections, midblock cross walks with and without flashing lights, and roundabouts). The results of this study provide a better understanding regarding older drivers’ and pedestrian’ needs and challenges that should be accommodated to improve their safety and mobility.


Tran-SET Project: 20SALSU13