Submissions from 2022


Evaluating the fit-effectiveness of fabric-based reusable face masks on 3D printed NIOSH headforms, Casey Stannard, Charles Freeman, Lesley Strawderman, Meagan Moore, Wayne Newhauser, Reuben Burch, Catherine Black, and David Saucier

Submissions from 2021


Clothing Consumption During The Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence From Mining Tweets, C A. Liu, S B. Xia, and C M. Lang

Fan fashion of multiple fandoms: An exploration of female science-fiction and fantasy fans’ dress practices, Dina Smith, Casey Stannard, and Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff

Submissions from 2020

Closet cosplay: Everyday expressions of science fiction and fantasy fandom among women, Dina Smith, Casey Stannar, and Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff

Submissions from 2018

Consumption of raw materials by crafters: Desired characteristics of yarn and retailers., Casey Stannard

Preferences for bowtie design: an investigation into the FEA needs of male consumers in the United States, Casey R. Stannard and S. Payne

Submissions from 2017

Clinically-Applicable optical imaging technology for body size and shape analysis: Comparison of systems differing in design., Casey Stannard

Submissions from 2016

Negotiating Personal Needs and Authenticity: Exploring Design Decisions of Reenactors Regency Gowns, D. C. Smith and C. R. Stannard

Submissions from 2015

Yarn design characteristics which influence crafters to consume either artisan brand yarns or commercial yarns., Casey Stannard

Use of Formalized Inspiration for Teaching Apparel Design, Casey Stannard and Kathy Mullet


Motivations for Participation in Knitting Among Young Women, Casey R. Stannard and Eulanda A. Sanders

Submissions from 2014

Design for Many, Design for Me: Universal Design for Apparel Products, Juyeon Park, Kristen Morris, Casey Stannard, and Wildrose Hamilton