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Cabbage and Chinese cabbage are members of the Brassicaceae family, also known as the cabbage, mustard or crucifer family, which includes other cole crops like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, kohlrabi and radishes. Both cabbage and Chinese cabbage are cool-season, frost-tolerant crops that are widely adapted to temperate and subtropical regions. The center of origin of cabbage is most often considered to be the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, the British Isles and Western Europe. Cabbage is thought to have been first grown by the Greeks for medicinal purposes over 3,000 years ago. Today’s cabbage varieties are likely derived from wild, nonheading cabbages with an origin in the eastern Mediterranean, although a perennial weed native to England and France may be a wild ancestor of cabbage.

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Sustainable Gardening for School and Home Gardens: Cabbage