Assessing Social Connectedness Among Persons with Schizophrenia: Psychometric Evaluation of the Perceived Social Connectedness Scale

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The purpose of this study was a psychometric evaluation of the 4-item perceived social connectedness (PSC) scale. The study analyzed secondary data from a project that assessed physical, behavioral, and social health characteristics of adults with serious mental illness receiving integrated services at community mental health centers (CMHs). The current sample comprised those diagnosed with schizophrenia attending these CMHs (N = 146). Most participants were African-American males who receive disability benefits with Medicaid as health insurance. The sample self-reported low-to-moderate levels of social connectedness, daily functioning, and symptom severity. Factor analysis of the PSC scale revealed one dimension, accounting for 66% of total variance, with strong item loadings. Reliability coefficients indicated sufficient scale internal consistency. Construct validity was suggested via the PSC scale's directional, significant convergence with daily functioning and symptom severity. Implications include the application of the PSC scale for this socioeconomically disadvantaged population that customarily lacks meaningful social networks.

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The journal of behavioral health services & research

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