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Message from President: This second issue of the Faculty Senate Newsletter comes with thanks for the favorable reception offered to the first installment. Already the breadth and variety of offerings is growing. This month, we add an“Education Opinion” area. All colleagues are invited to submit letters or brief statements of opinion on matters of academic or institutional policy. This issue of the newsletter also introduces reportage by our graduate assistants, Greg Molchan and Casey Kayser, who covered the recent Faculty Senate-Chancellor Forum, and continues our monthly “Administrator in the Spotlight”feature. Readers of this issue will discover a wide range of information that extends from update reports on faculty benefits package problems to the statewide structure of higher education to prospects of new site licenses for software. Is there an issue or story that you’d like for us to cover and that merits dissemination to all our colleagues? Please let us know via the contact addresses shown in the mini-colophon bar. And many thanks for your continued support of faculty governance efforts during an especially stressful time. With all good wishes, Kevin L. Cope, Faculty Senate President